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Sep 28, 2005

#123 – Life with Tyrant People = 3 weeks hell

I became a silent lurker until I decided to stop! 3 weeks!!!!

That's it, I've been away for almost 3 weeks in BLOGSPHERE. I thought I could step out for a while. I hate chaos, I hate changes. That and other reasons why I took a leave from everything. I tried to concentrate to my current situation but wherever I focus, tyranny is there. Is life hard? Is it really complicated? Or am I just intoxicated? I almost asked HIM but I knew I don’t have the right to do that. So I still adhere to what I believed in and keep on going round, round, round…

Screeeeecccccccckkkk! Whew! But I need a break or else I may get a flat tires. I knew that after the rain, sunshine comes next. But I couldn’t see the light for my future. It's dim! What I saw is a shadow who wanted to overpower. To show that totalitarianism still exists! Bad luck, I became a victim.

I thought I'd lose my sanity. I thought I'll just catch a plane and go back home. I thought I don’t have to hide anymore and show to my detractors that they succeed and I failed…. But I saw it. I thought I just imagined it or I'm in oblivion coz of lack of food from my system but I knew that's the sign im waiting for. A flicker for New Hope. Never give up and fight back.

I knew I have to do it. Just a bad misfortunes. A victim of circumstances.

It's good to have someone to talked to, who will just listen and knows when to knock my senses.

To all my friends and blogging friends, thanks for the support.

Now I'm back and get ready.

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