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Oct 18, 2004

#46 - Holy Month

Ramadan started last Friday, October 15. It's my first time to experience Ramadan and I've heard a lot of it way back high school time. It's really different when you just heard rather than experienced it.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar for Muslims. Since Islam uses lunar calendar, Ramadan begins and ends at different time each year. The start depends on the sighting of the new moon and the end is determined on the same way.

If we Christian have holy week, and abstain from meat during lent, Muslims have one whole month of fasting and abstaining from human basic needs, which is food, drink and sex, from sunrise till sunset.

Fasting is an obligation of Muslim men and women and it is compulsory to those who are mentally and physically fit. Exempted to this are adolescense, mentally incapacitated, menstruating and pregnant women, lactating mothers and travelers. Those who cannot fast must make up on the other month or contribute to poor.

There were so many changes and restrictions that I observed and we, the non-Muslims must obey and respect them.

- Drinking, Eating and Smoking in public is prohibited during daytime.
- Restaurants and Malls are close during daytime.
- Bars and Disco houses are close during Ramadan.
- School hours were cut short.
And last...
- Working hours were shortened to 6 hours only (Yipeee)

Fasting is not only abstaining from human needs but it should come from your heart, from you own freewill and should be dedicated or worshipped for God / Allah / Buddha or whatever your religion.

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Oct 12, 2004

#45 - SAGADA Escapade

Last year (December 2003), my climb buddies were thinking of relaxing but breathtaking Christmas Break. At last, these people became tired of going up to the mountain. I couldn’t believed it!!!

Dencio, Keng, Lele, Tino, Homer, Maan, Ogie, Glen and I decided to spend our Christmas Holidays at BANAUE-SAGADA-BAGUIO.

The place is too far and tiring. Imagine, it took us 10 hours going to Banaue, then another 6 hours to reach Sagada and 6 hours to Baguio. Not only that, from Banaue to Sagada, you should braced yourself, it's ROUGH road.

It's a memorable escapade for me! It is truly breathtaking especially if you love the nature. Relaxing? For our activities, I don’t think so! It's back breaking. But I do enjoy our Socials.

To know more on our adventure and our pics, visit or click this site, but wait…minors are not advised to check this site…(HEHEHE).

Atot (Maan), at last i was able to finished this...spread the news please...

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Oct 10, 2004

#43 - Pink Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You can see PINK ribbon in newspapers, posters, stores and malls, encouraging every female to participate and be aware of this disease. As I was strolling at the mall, I came across to this Poster called Pink Marathon (Oct. 8). Proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Organization and urges every female to participate. I would really like to join and participate if only I haven’t made a promised to a good friend. Oh, well, maybe there is still some other way I could participate in this kind of organization.

I'm glad that organizations like this are in full swing to inform everyone about this disease.

Year 1999 when I had my first Breast Cyst Operation.

No one in my family knew about my situation, I only confided to few trusted friends. Good thing was I already living alone, away from my family when this thing happened to me. So I'm all alone going in and out of the hospital (Check-up, mammograms, consultation, operation and even payments). I was forced to hide this from my family because that year we had problems with my dad's health, which is diabetes and my sister-in-law, BREAST CANCER.

Now, I regularly do Breast Self-Exam (BSE) especially every 5th day of my first menstruation every month.

Year 2000 when my sister-in-law died of Breast Cancer. Her situation is different from my story. She already noticed an abnormal lump on her breast after giving birth to her third child but because of fear and apprehension, she ignored it. For a year and half, she was hiding the pain from her husband and to us. Only last 1999 when she couldn’t hide it anymore and the cancer spreads to her body.

Maybe if she's brave enough to face the consequences, she could save her own life.

To all women, check regularly and if you noticed a lump, go and consult your doctor. DON’T BE AFRAID!!!

To the Guys, you think you are spared from this disease, think again...Breast Cancer also strike men, there is a total of 5% diagnosed male breast cancer as of today.

For more information visit the following sites:



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Oct 9, 2004

#42 - Wedding Anniversary

Today is my Parent's Wedding Anniversary.

Every year, we make sure that there were always things to surprise them, either a shower of gifts or a simple get-together of family and close friends.

This year, is my first time not to be with them and first time of pure tension in our house. Up till this moment, I don’t know what's happening there.

Two weeks from now is my father's operation. Details? I cant tell.

Friends, please help me to pray for my father's operation.


Happy Birthday Kuya Dex, today is my brother's birthday too.

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Oct 3, 2004

#41 - Ghastly

Yesterday was a dreadful day in the office!

Whenever that happens, I could easily loose my temper to others. I do yell at people who were so pushy on something especially if I'm in the bad mood.

So I opted to stay in my room last night declining my friends offer to go out. Aside from the fact that I'm waiting for the delivery of my fridge.

I admit that I am very emotional person. Staying in my place was a big mistake. I was homesick and I miss my parents. But then, I received one text last night that makes me cry.

Cry because... nothing ... hahaha ...

Oisst, Daday, meron na ako bago ha, di na cut & paste. :D


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