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May 25, 2006

#154 - Fiestamazing

I was shocked when I received my grandma's letter. Not because it's written in her native tongue (ilongga) but on how she reprimand my poor memory towards foods especially on vegetables.

WTF??? The flowers that I sent to SIRENA are edible? So my blogkada were right, Bulaklak ng Kalabasa.

How would I know, I never tasted that food. I always saw manang (househelp) putting that flower in my grandma's coffee table. Hehehe.

Anyway, since it's Fiesta Time in our province, my grandma is preparing that food for her visitors and she decided to send me the recipe of this flower.

Bulaklak ng Kalabasa (Squash)
Salt, pepper, soy sauce (to taste)
Fish (Big and chopped)

I don’t cook or should I say I don’t know how to cook… hehehe. Since the flowers are edible, I decided to try it with SIRENA.

Here, have a taste, it's fiesta time….


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May 20, 2006

#153 - For You Agen

I was touched when you sent something.

Hesitating to check at first.
Am sure it's going to be the same.
Too bored receiving it and,
Excitement fades away.

Roses are not my kind.
Of all flowers, you pick my fave,
So sweet and nice of Tulips
Even you.

So I look around to give you something in return, and i found one that will brighten your day, but I need to ask my grandma for the name of this flower. She used to rear this unique one in her garden. It will take a while before I got an answer for she lived in a mountain. Thanks Sirena


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May 12, 2006

#152 - Mother for All Season

I may be a freaking daughter
Giving too much headache and laughter
Happiness and rejection were part of my life
Thou, it's serves good to struggle on my part.
Walls are starting to break and pull away
But that will never be part of my way
Whatever comes, whoever crash,
I will still be here.


Some Freaking Facts about Mmy-Lei
  • I'm a blogging mom who has no dependent and not depended on anyone.
  • My x-officemates tag me "Mommy Lei" due to fine I had imposed if they called me Ma'am
  • A child called me "Mama" when I went home for my dad's funeral and it was kinda freaking feeling.


Thanks Misty Joy for the tulips.


Happy Mothers Day to all blogging Mom , Blogkada's Wife, My bestfriend Lourie, My friends and to my Mom.


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