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Feb 24, 2009

New Year, New kid on the block

It's been long since the last time I updated my blog. A lot of things happened! With the ongoing worldwide crisis, even the land of the oil is experiencing the turmoil.

Enough with the negative news, let's move on to the positive one.

First thing, my sister delivered a baby girl a month ago. We celebrated her first month old yesterday. It was just a family dinner. So sad that my sister left two weeks ago, she needs to go back home for her work. Mom still with us, and she's having a problem wearing her shoes. I bought her a new boots for protection from cold. It's her first time to experience the coldness in this place. I opted to use my running shoes, for comfort and protection, and we were having a problem for the baby, she's getting bigger every week and all dressess and shoes does not fit to her anymore. So I joke with my sister that next time I shop online, I will buy a wedding shoes for her baby.

Christening of Haya, our new baby, will be on March. As early as today, my sister asked me and other godparents for a bigger size of baby shoes . She is being wise on that.

Welcome to the world Haya.

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