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Aug 29, 2005

#122 - TAGged ... again by Kadyo

20 Years Ago:
Still innocent and quiet. Nothing much to share coz all I knew that time was to play and study. Study means that I must maintan my Horror eekkkk, honors or else my mom wont allow me to play.

15 Years Ago:
My most embarassing moment happened in this year. I was in 3rd year high school and my classmate and I was chosen to represent our school to compete in a Quiz Show. I forgot the name of that show, all I could remember, it was hosted by Danny Javier and Jackie Aquino on Channel 13. hehehe, forgive my memory. Of course we won in the contest but unfortunately we lost the jackpot prize.

The question: A wild flower that sounds like to the Bird. Blah blah blah …
Correct Answer: Birds of Paradise
Our Answer: Ibong Adarna (Adarna Bird)…hahaha, malay ko ba dyan sa bulaklak na yan. Of all the question, why we got flower as the topic, I hate it….

The next day, after our usual Flag Ceremony, our school principal called us up on stage and introduced us to all the students, congratulating us and give honor to school…blah blah blah, and all of a sudden, one student shouted, Ibong Adarna…Ibong Adarna… twiiittt…twiiittt….nasan si Prinsipe Juan….(Adarna Bird…Adarna Bird…twiiittt..twiiitttt…where's Prince John) and the whole crowd exploded, laughing at us. We cant help it, it's our fault, so we laughed also.

10 Years Ago:
I was in my 3rd year in College. I was so furios in one of our assistant personnel (Miss E.) who was trying hard to become a ComSci professor and trying to insert herself to our Comsci Professors. The story is this, during our final exam in one of my major subjects, this lady happened to be our Proctor – means just to facilitate the exams. That time was also the schedule of passing of our projects (a diorama of two building to show the networking systems) and the room got crowded. The rule in our school whenever there was an exam was to put all things in front (beside the professors table) and pens and permit only in the chair. So I settled my things and sitted at the back. The exam was so easy that 50% of that was to explain your project. After a week I was so shocked when I got the result that I failed. As in 65%. Why, coz this frustated lady told my professor that she caught me looking at my project. Duh!!! I told my professor everything and even challenged her to give me another test. She knew me, how was my performance in her class to the point that I was the highest scorer during our Mid-Term examination. She checked our project and gave a good grade and even praised it. I was the freaking leader of that project. After that, she realised whatever it was and just give me 88% on my final grade. I don’t deserved that. I wanted more…hehehe

5 Years Ago:
I spent my new year in the office because of that f* Millenium Bug. As a Project Manager, I have to oversee all our clients (some were international based) feedback on our systems, to support immediately if they found any bugs. Afternoon of that day, I invited my friends to my hotel room to drink and be merry coz it was my first time after 6 years to spend new year without my insipid xBF. It was drink till we drop!

3 Years Ago:
I was based at Bangkok Thailand. Life is good, Work is hell. Work is 48 hours straight, no sleep at all and minimal rest only (rest consist of toilet, smoke, coffee, go back to hotel to take shower and breakfast).

Dec 2002 – I decided to quit from the company. Our president cheated on me, I'm the only stupid employee (to support and take over all on-going projects) left amongst his 50+ employees.

Last Year:
I need to get out of the country ASAP. My detractors will going to eat me alive if I stayed and be stubborn remain in the country. With God's grace, I was able to find a detour and landed a job here and now, I'm trying to redirect my life and planning for my return!!!

My dad's health deteriorated. His healths got worsen.

I created my blog and used my pseudo name Mmy-Lei to get in touch with my family and to know my detractors agenda.

This Year:
I met someone who strived hard to changed my views on something. Who always understand my moods and so patient on it. Who advises me regarding my health and life.

Dad's health got worsen. He's depending too much on medicines and lots of prayers.

I got my sister to join me here.

Had a misunderstanding with my BF.

Last Night:
NAGLALABA (laundry)

KADYO informed me about this TAG…akala ko TAGay na…so I need to post it today for tomorrow will be busy day for us.

We will be shifting to our new office.
Mag-iinuman ng mga friends kasi me bertday.

Next Year:
Planning a trip (supposedly takes place this November) to Egypt to visit Pyramid, Pharaoh & Spinx or India to visit Taj Mahal.

5-10 Years From Now:
God will provide me…

I hate passing but what to do? this is the trend so i passed this to Dops, Fhaye, Maan, Daday and Tanggerz...walang aangal ha.

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Aug 24, 2005

#121 - Trust in Love?

I'm a bit confused.
I don’t know the solution.
Mind is freaking out!

Will you please help me analyze this?

"Could you still love someone eventhough you don’t trust him/her anymore?"


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Aug 23, 2005

#120 - Seek and Find

Proverbs 17:9
"Whoever forgives the offense seeks love, but whoever keeps bringing up the issues separates the closest of friends. "


My friends used to teased me that I was really a Star Wars (Strikes Back) fanatic. Why? Coz I always strike back whenever someone tried to oppress my family, my friends or me. My friends witnessed how bad I was everytime I strikes back and I was one hell of a person when got angry coz I could not control my temper. I believed on getting-even (like Darth Vader).

Ooopps that was before.

I'm in control now and up to this moment, I could still say that im still sane. After years of rehabilitating myself from this book/s, I learned to forgive and let go.

Finally, after wakeful nights and perturbing days, I was able to gather my power to break the ice with my sister. We talked…disagreement…talked…cried…talked…settled down. I knew I have to strive harder inorder to break the wall and let go of our suppressed feelings. I knew it would not be easy to heal the wounds that been scared for years, that the road to get there is rocky and moist but there is nothing to loose to try it.

Now, I could say that it's easy to breathe and talk things over. We're talking and she started to confide and asks my advises.

I was hoping too that a good friend that I encountered in the blog world would start to forget the past and move on. Everyone has a skeleton in closet but it will be nice to start cleaning it. Right!

To you my friend, I'm always ready to hear your mourning if it makes you feel better. Hoping for the best for you and your family. Welcome again and thank you.

Smile na kasi!!!

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Aug 21, 2005

#119 - Tagged ... by KaDyo

Seven random facts about myself:
- Im a stubborn B****
- Independent person
- A certified scuba diver
- Risk taker (I like extreme sports so much)
- Moody (sometimes)
- Smoker (but trying to lessen now)
- I'm abnormal!!! (I could see things that ordinary people cannot!!!)

Seven things that scares me
- blood
- getting married/marriage proposal
- dad's poor health
- hospitals
- police
- accidents
- coward people

Seven things I like most:
- extreme sports (scuba diving/swimming/mt. climbing/bungee jumping/walling)
- books
- fishing
- cigarettes
- nacho chips with salsa
- beaches
- brave people

Seven important things in my bedroom:
- bible
- rose petal rosary
- one bag that contains all my important documents
- feet pillow
- mobile & digicam
- scented candles
- glow in the dark (butterflies & stars)

Seven things that I plan to do before I die:
- I
- don’t
- want to
- make
- any
- freaking
- plans

Seven things I can do:
- Troubleshoot PC's
- Software/program analysis/debugging
- sketching/painting/artworks
- crochet
- Finish reading book in one day
- handstand and some acrobatic stunts in the water
- a good listener to anyone who needs someone to talk to.

Seven things I can't do:
- Cook
- Laundry
- Ironing clothes
- Sew clothes
- Gardening
- Sing
- Draw a straight line

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: - no answer
Seven things you say the most: no answer
Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
Seven people you want to see take this quiz: no one

You might be wondering why I did not answer some of the questions coz I found it least important in my life. I did not passed this tag to anybody coz I knew all of them has been tagged. Thanks KaDyo, you put me in a hot seat!

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Aug 17, 2005

#118 - Ingrata

by: Moenia

Es cierto que el amor verdadero
abre heridas que el tiempo no puede curar
por eso ahora
que te veo a lo lejos
no me queda más remedio que recordarte
por eso a ti chiquita de mi corazón
te canto esta tonada que viene de mi alma
y es de tu creación.

Tú me decías
que me querías
y yo sabía
que me mentías
eres espina
de rosa roja que me lastima y me acongoja
ingrata mujer
yo te dí mi querer lo echastes a perder
ingrata mujer
yo te dí mi querer lo echastes a perder

No se te olvidé
que fuí el primero
tome tu mano en el pecero
era domingo,
te habías bañado
tu pelo suelto
recien peinado

Ingrata mujer
yo te dí mi querer lo echastes a perder
ingrata mujer
yo te dí mi querer lo echastes a perder
a perder
a perder
a perder

Por eso ahora cuando los años han pasado
me doy cuenta que tú eres la única, la primera
la más hermosa, eres espina de rosa roja

It's a song and I heard it from a friend and it' s nice. The singer possibly experienced too much pain from a woman that he called her ungrateful and a thorn from his life.

Anybody who understand this song, kindly explain?

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Aug 5, 2005

#116 - Instant Noodle ….Nurse

No offense meant to all the nurses especially to my blogging friend Naomi. Actually, I have loads of nurses' friends. Some I met during college times and some from common friends. I admire them coz there are so brave to face the challenges especially to save life or give a life to gloomy patients but………not to me!

I am not a nurse and will never be a nurse or an aide or anything that works in the hospital. My Aunts and Uncles were forcing me to take Nursing course before but I'm so adamant to tell them that I WILL NOT. The hell with the Nursing Course. I'm sure my life will be hell if I took it for two reason. One I hate blood. I hate it and the smell that's why I'm having an uncontrollable mouth during my monthly period. I swoon whenever I see blood. Two, I hate Hospitals. It gives me creepy feeling whenever I'm in the hospital. I don’t like the odor, the scenario.…. And most of all I don’t like taking care sick people…it depresses me so much.

On the other hand, I like to help taking care/nursing sick animals. I like to give medicines to my dogs whenever they are sick. I was so excited when we dissected a frog and bird during high school days. I witnessed how a cow gave birth (holy cow) when I had a vacation with my friend. I help Onat & Mae cleaning the wound and removing the maggots of Mae's Rabbit.

But when my bf got sick, oh my what to do!!! I hate nursing sick people. My mind was in turmoil. Would you believe that I tried hard to remember what my mom did to me whenever i got sick before? There's no thermometer around to check his temperature, no ice bag to put on his forehead. All I knew is the "punas system" or sponge bath. I knew that I have to give him a sponge bath coz he's freaking hot and quivering. I could not bring him in the hospital for some other reasons. I'm so desperate that I called Ate A for help. She's a nurse friend but she's on duty. In the end, I give him a cold sponge bath. Wow, tyansing!!! hehehe

I was so worried on his fever and serious on giving him the sponge bath but he's so cool that he wanted to smoke and even offered me to smoke to lessen my burden. Arrrggg, I wanted to punch this man!

hay…hirap magalit sa ibang lahing bf. Isip ka pa ng salitang maiintindihan nya.

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