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Jan 27, 2005

#78 - Sensitive

SOURCE: (Thesaurus)

Entry : Sensitive
Function : adjective
Definition : easily hurt
Synonyms : delicate, easily harmed, painful, sore, tender

Definition : impressionable
Synonyms : acute, cognizant, delicate, easily affected, emotionable, high-strung, hung-up, hypersensitive, irritable, nervous, oversensitive, susceptible, touchy, unstable

People could commit mistake; People could loose their temper;
Why, because they are human beings.
No one is perfect.

Wow, first time in my life that I didn’t cry. I did not cry while chopping BIG ONIONS.



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Jan 25, 2005

#77 - Adjustments

I was evicted from my old place. The owner gave me a short noticed that I need to vacate the place in a week time. *grrr*

Then I found a new flat, it was nice and cozy. I spoke with the owner; He told me his rules and regulation. He's kind and understood my situation. At first, everything was OK but then . . .

I am not happy to my new flat.

I don’t want to conform to some of his rules anymore. Instead, I stay with my friends and come back late to my place.

If only...

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Jan 17, 2005

#76 - Hajj

SOURCE: Friends and

Call me ignorant but it's true that I am not aware of others culture and religion. I gained Buddhist friends during my stay in Bangkok, I respected their traditions but I didn’t delve more about their religion and what's in it.

Now with my new sets of friends (from different nationality) I didn’t hesitate to asked them regarding their culture as well as their religion. I am persistent but it’s good coz they were very cooperative as well as inquisitive regarding my religion too.

This month they will celebrate Hajj. I gathered some facts from my friends and over the net what is Hajj all about.

- Islam's has Five Pillars of Faith and the last or "Fifth" Pillars is Hajj (Pilgrimage). Each year, Muslims from different countries journey to Mecca to make the Spiritual Pilgrimage.
- Hajj is a once in a lifetime obligatory pilgrimage of Muslim to the holy city of Mecca, during Dhul Hijjah (month for Hajj) and all Muslims who are physically and financially able are expected to perform the Hajj at least once.
- Muslims trace the origin of the Hajj to the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael. God Tested Ibrahim by sacrificing Ismael to him.
- The Koran credits them with building the Kaaba, the shrine in Mecca toward which Muslims turn five times each day when praying.
- The Hajj begins on the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah (month for Hajj), the 12th month of the Islamic year, and lasts for as long as six days.
- Over the course of the Hajj, pilgrims travel the nine miles from Mecca to the Plain of Arafat and back, stopping at the sacred sites of Mina and Muzdalifa to perform prayerful rituals.
- At the Hajj, men and women walk together and pray together. Mosques around the world are generally segregated into sections keeping the sexes apart.


Happy Eid Al Adha


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Jan 16, 2005

#75 - With an Essence


Thank God my neighbors didn’t heard me. I knew that I screamed and the noise of the falling box and chair was so loud. Yeah right! I'm Stupid! I fell from a chair trying to get the box.

I was so tired lastnight trying to keep my sanity while packing my things. It's good thing that when I fell, my neighbors visitors were busy singing/partying. I was so thankful that they didn’t heard me or it will be too embarrassing for me if they saw me on the floor.

Then this morning I got this card from my friends back home. At least they were able to cheer me up from a gloomy day. A card with a gist.

Thanks Cher, Edsel and Tini.

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Jan 15, 2005

#74 - RetUrn

Yes, I'm back!
I'm back with so much problems to fix.

1. I'm having a problem with "Hello" blogger photo site, need to get another free photosite and re-post my photos.
2. I'm having a problem with my sister. Ang kulit! I'm trying to finish her wedding site but couldn’t coz pictures are not yet available.
3. I was forced to move out from my current place and I hate shifting again.
4. Need to pack my things, worry about the movers and of course money!

Being independent has a disadvantage too, now im going to endure all of it and I hate to ask help from anyone. Kaya ko 'to!

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Jan 8, 2005

#73 - Nuptial

It's my youngest sister's wedding day!

I was opposed on her decision at first. She's still young to settle down and she broken our house rules by getting married ahead of us (our eldest sister and me).

Anyway, everything has been finalized and today is her big day. I was just sad that I couldn’t be there to witness her grand day.

Congratulation and Best Wishes.

I will be away for some time. I will surely miss my friends and fellow bloggers who makes time to comment on my entries or drop by at my tagboard.

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Jan 6, 2005

#72 - Break Out

Natural Disaster hit them! Hundreds of people were killed and still missing. Properties were destroyed and people from South Asia and East Africa are now suffering a lot.

We read, heard, saw and learned the aftermath of Tsunami. People across the world offered aid and now, World leaders unify to form Tsunami aid conference.

I was amazed by the site search results I got when I searched over the net regarding Tsunami news. Aside from World's Organizations, who are now in the frontline helping the survivors, there are still more people offering and pledging aid. New Groups were being formed to help the survivors. New Internet sites are offering help and accepting donations.

It's good to know that everyone was helping but how come I heard that despite this disaster, something fishy is going on.

Please, Don’t Exploit the CHILDREN!

Friends, readers and fellow bloggers, let's offer a Prayer to the survivors.


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Jan 1, 2005

#70 - Holiday Rush

I don’t believed in last minute shopping. I don’t want the traffic jam and crowded places, If by chance I forgot to give someone, so be it. Gift can be given any day. But last Friday, I took my chances. I really plan to buy this thing and I must get it. So by 9am I forced myself to get up eventhough I slept past 4am (same day).

The mall was not crowded or maybe because it was still early. While at the mall, a little boy was following me. When I turned around, he started to cry and asking for his mom. Hmmm, lost boy! So I talked to him but we cant understand each other. By using a sign language, I told him to come with me downstairs at the Information Center but nobody is around. So I looked for any security who can understand the boy. Good thing that I was able to spot one, they help the boy and found the mother.

So much with that, I went to my purpose and was able to purchase it.

Hmmm, what to do now? Where else but to go back to my place!


My flatmates were busy cooking while I was busy on reloading a credit for my phone. Darn! It's hard to place a call. Network busy. Try again! Tray again! Alas, I was able to talk to my mom, and to the rest of my family. It's good to know that they were having a good time despite the passing of my Aunt, my mom's sister and I was so glad that my dad's eyesight slowly coming back after a series of operations. I also tried calling my friends but to no avail, only Tina that I was able to get in touched with.


My sister asked me what menu I prepared. (As if I cook) Well at least I have a hotdog on my table. Hahaha. The usual staff (coffee, Vit. C and vodka).

She asked again why you kept on calling (4 times), call it homesickness. Nothing to do!


A friend came to celebrate with us. That's wonderful!

Jan1-Late night, I received something. A nice way to say, something like a SLAP on my face and big-bang welcoming of new year… GET LOST.

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