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Jul 28, 2004

#17 - Misery

My family thought that I am strong:
That I could take care of myself alone in the foreign land;
That I could easily make friends;
That I could surpass the feeling of homesickness;

My friends thought that I am strong:
That I could maneuver any trials that come my way;
That I am always ready to any battle that takes place;
That I could outdo enemies, who trespass on my territory;

My workmates thought that I am strong:
That I could manage any projects;
That I could find solutions to problems;
That I could handle work stress;

Then why am I feeling like this!

I am not that strong!
I am not a robot!
My heart is not made of stone.

I am only HUMAN!




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Jul 27, 2004

#16 - Rochelle's BDay

" Taken at ThaiChi Restaurant! "

" Happy Birthday Rochelle! "

(Lei, Josie, Ana and Rochelle)


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Jul 23, 2004

#15 - Being SINGLE...

Source: an excerpt from forwarded email

To all SINGLE folks out there, this is for us…

SINGLE means…

- You have the time to grow and be the person you want to be.
(Single gives you space to grow. Sometimes, it is harder to grow when you are too close to someone.)

- Freedom.
(You are free to spend a week's vacation on the beach, to play badminton, go extreme sports, to work late, gimmick with friends, spend the day in bed with good book or simply sleep.)

- Learning to live by yourself.
(However, It is more difficult to live with somebody…right!!!)

- Feeling good about being in control of your life.
(sure thing!!!)

"I am SINGLE and I am contented with my LIFE!"

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Jul 14, 2004

#14 - Battle with the Witch

One humid night, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
I was too lazy to do some chores, to eat and to talk.
But I don’t have any choice but to mingle with them.

[ But how can I? ….Ahhhggg! ]

The water that comes from the faucet was too hot!
The AC was not in good condition. There was even no wind!
I was hot and sticky from perspiration.

[ How would you start? ]

I felt restless because of the heat!
I puffed a cigarette to wake up my veins.
Then I started my chores but the feeling was still the same.

[ Move IT! Move IT! Move IT! ]

The doorbell was ringing, I didn’t mind it.
I'm too lazy to move... how much more to open the door!
So I called my friend and ask him to open it.

[ Duh…!]

The WITCH (bella flores look-alike) from the clan of Lucious Malfroy, came in.
And soon started banging the door and uttering F**K Y**.
We didn’t know why and so we didn’t mind her disorder syndrome.

[ Then...Duhhhhhhh!!! ]

She approached me and started badgering me.
A lunatic woman swearing at me; "What's your problem? Why didn’t you open the door! "
I was shocked!!! Duh! Who does she think she is, for me to abide her craziness?

[ More…duh! ]

Now I know that this Witch is brainless!
She forgot her key and potion to open the door.
What's more, a stupid, stingy bitch that didn’t used her power (cellfone) to call her roomies!

[ Hello…Anyone there! ]

After the quiddich, no one from my friends even utter a word; (they're bewitched!)
Not even a small consolation word to drive away the bad energies.
So I ask myself,

"Is it really my fault? Is it my responsibility to open the door for her?"



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Jul 10, 2004

#13 – Feel ko lang!

Im feeling SAD today!
Too much problem!
Couldn't make up my mind!
Could anyone give me a doze like this?




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Jul 8, 2004

#12 - Blue-Collar

It's Thursday, the temperature is 43 degrees hot, and I was thankful that we are half day today.

Well, as my thoughts were busily flying across the blue skies and dreaming of something, I noticed the people around my place. These people were busily working and I was awesome how can they stand to work under the blazing heat! I was guilty for some time. I am stuck in a room with lots of water and good temperature whilst these people were prolifically working outside.

The thought of their hard works and skills in order to finish one activity is remarkable. Even though that these people were really hired for this kind of project, it made me wondered if they are well compensated.

Construction Work is very tough job. Workers should be physically fit! I know that these people were already used to this kind of temperature back in their country, it still makes me think how they can work under the heat. Never mind the smell and looks they have, but the strength and stamina they possess for this kind of job is astounding. We all knew that the Engineers/Project Managers in a construction site are the brains in every project. Once they finished the project, praise and appreciation will be heard but what about the laborers, the one who do the dirty jobs? After paying them (I don’t know if they give thanks to the laborers), it's bye bye now? The laborers are not even invited for the ground breaking of the project. How cruel!!!

I remember an episode in a News Program back home, a man made a forced entry in one of the newest Building in Makati (I will not mention the name of the building). The reason - the man was one of the laborers of that building. He wanted to see and check the building where he believed he contributed to make it beautiful. The guard didn’t let him in since the man cannot give an ID and he's wearing a slipper. The output – the man got the attention of the media and it was broadcasted in the local news. I don’t know what happened next!

Just a thought! What would happen if these blue-collar people don't exist?

"We are all EQUAL in the eyes of our CREATOR"


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Jul 4, 2004

#11 - Challenge

Challenge – confront; face; defy; brave; face-up to

Instead of avoiding challenges, do the following:
- jump into them
- Beat the heck out of them
- Enjoy the game

If your challenges are too large or too numerous:
- Do not GIVE UP
- Reorganize
- Find more determination, knowledge and help

One you met your goals (basic and family needs); set bigger ones! (your group, community or even mankind).

Do not create success and lie in it! You have resources, skills and abilities to make a difference!!!


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