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Nov 24, 2004

#56 - Fair or Unfair?

I'm having a second thought to post this entry.

It's just that I couldn’t breathe anymore to all the fiasco that's happening to me. I want to get out from this uproar. I want peace and move on. I'm having a restless night. I lessen my coffee intake so that I could sleep early but still unsuccessful. I couldn’t talk this damned thing to anyone.

For a week now, my daily routine has changed. Just to avoid people, I opted to stay in my place. Office-House-Office. I couldn’t imagine myself that!

I'm reassessing myself where did I go wrong! Why am I always to be blamed? I am trying to be nice and fair to everyone here which is hard for me coz I'm not really nice back home.

Is caring so much a sin? I don’t know what the meaning of being FAIR and UNFAIR now.

Maybe I will borrow Rors' infamous line "Paki ko" beginning today. Can i borrow Rors?

Well, na-post ko na eh!

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Nov 23, 2004

#55 - Cool Weekend!

After a disastrous birthday experience, I was happy that I accepted my friends offer to joined them camping at the beach. A sort of post-birthday and pre-birthday celebration with another friend. My friend, Lala, was ecstatic on her new acquired tent and upon discovered that I have one also, plans were made to spend the weekend camping.

At 8:30pm, Lala, Josie, Hanin and I were all ready and excited. The beach is a public place, but mind you people, it's clean and safe. Usually the place is crowded especially on weekends but when we got there, oh wow, at least we found a nice area. Since it's my forte to pitch a tent, I let them watched me first then they help me out on the poles and pegs and I let them pitched on the second tent.

Food was great! Josie is really a good cook. Unlucky for us coz I forgot my cam and so was Lala. Pictures on mobile were not clear.

I had fun with them and it's nice and simple weekend.

Some parts were deleted that might cause a problem to us. =)

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Nov 21, 2004

#54 - Bayani nga ba?

Bagong Bayani daw ang tawag sa mga OFW o Overseas Filipino Workers ayon sa pamahalaan ng Pilipinas.

Sino ba sila?

Ang OFW ay ang mga Pinoy na nagta-trabaho sa labas ng Pilipinas. Mapa-manedyer, inhinyero, duktor, programmer o tagapag-alaga, ikaw ay isang OFW.

Bakit kaya Bagong Bayani? Dahil ba sa pinapasok na dolyares ng mga OFW sa Pinas kaya sila tinawag na Bagong Bayani? Alam ba ng pamahalaan kung ano ang matinding dahilan ng Pinoy kaya sila umalis sa bansang Pilipinas?

Simple lang naman ang kasagutan! Alam naman ng buong bansa iyon. Ultimo batang paslit sa kalye alam ang dahilan – KAHIRAPAN!

Dahil sa mga kaguluhan at pangyayari sa ating pamahalaan, marami sa ating kababayan ang nawawalan na ng tiwala. Hirap na nga ng buhay, hirap pang maghanap ng trabaho at hirap pa maki-ayon ang mga pribadong sector sa pagtanggap ng mga empleyado! Kaya ang siste, kahit mahal ang gastos at mahirap ang buhay sa ibang bansa, pikit matang tinatanggap, magkaroon lamang ng magandang kinabukasan ang pamilya.

Hindi lahat ng mga kababayan natin ay pare-pareho ang dahilan sa paglisan sa bansang Pilipinas. Nandiyan ang pagtakas sa mahapding karanasan sa puso para makalimot, ang pagtakas sa mga kinauutangan at marami pang iba…

Walang halong biro ang kalagayan ng isang OFW. Lahat ay tinitiis mapabuti lamang ang pamilyang naiwan sa Pinas. Tinitiis ang lungkot, pangungulila, paninibago sa bagong kapaligiran at kaugalian ng bansa, at ang mas masakit – ang pagmamaltrato at pag-aalipusta!

Sa kabilang banda, marami ring OFW ang gumanda ang buhay. Mayroong nakapagpatayo ng magandang bahay, nakapag-negosyo, nakabayad ng utang at napagpatapos ang mga anak sa pag-aaral. Ngunit hindi lahat ay pareho ang kapalaran. Marami ding OFW ang umuwing may pait na karanasan sa kanilang pakikipagbanatan ng buto sa ibang bansa. Nandiyan ang nakulong, nabaliw, minaltrato, nagahasa, nakidnap at namatay.

May tulong ba galing sa pamahalaan para sa mga kababayan nating di naging maganda ang kapalaran sa ibang bansa? Kung hindi pa napabalita sa radio at telebisyon ang mga pangyayari sa tingin nyo kaya me gagawin ang pamahalaan? Siguro meron naman, pero hindi agad binibigyan aksyon, kunbaga, panghuli ka! Tapos ikaw pa ang pagagalitan kung bakit di ka humingi ng tulong sa Embahada ng Pilipinas. Ang tanong, meron bang matutulong?

Ngayon, sabihin nyo nga kung bakit Bagong Bayani ang tawag sa OFW?

Ayoko yatang matawag na ganun!

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Nov 18, 2004

#53 - Duplicitous

I was wrong!

I thought that arrogant person are the most despicable human being I ever met, but hey, I was wrong, very wrong! Now, I rather endure myself with the arrogant person bragging things regarding their achievements, power, riches, looks and everything (some are just air in their heads) but at least these people say things in front of you. You have a way to defend whatever is the topic, you can share your knowledge (just to put him off) or you can just pretend that you are listening.

But then, I found out that there are more loathsome people and these people are the - DUPLICITOUS!

Duplicitous, two-face or double-dealing person are unbelievable! These people act like a real friend to you but once they aren’t around, beware, coz they will stab you behind your back, talk things that are out of your wild imagination and really knows how to put you down. They have an ulterior motive on you.

A person who was so nice to you, whom you treated well, share secrets with and the least unexpected person will stab you.

I had been exposed from small-scale to large-scale company, working in and out of the country and working my butt to earn a respect from my colleagues. Sometimes you will meet people who are hard to deal with but that's ok, it's business only... and I am lucky to met nice people wherever I was assigned.

But now, in this strange place, I got a biggest surprise on my life!!!I haven’t encountered a duplicitous person before until recently, duplicitous person that exist in my mom's favorite soap opera back home came alive. A "so-called" friend of mine stabbed me! Oucch! Couldn't believe it!

Secrets, secrets, secrets…….tsk. tsk. tsk.

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Nov 17, 2004

#52 – Facts of Life..err MY Life

Some facts that makes an old friend go hmmm after reading this...

I'm nothing, I'm nobody!

I'm a scorpion lady.

I have high respect on our company president, that's why i'm OUT of the COUNTRY! *grrrrrr*

I'm an outdoor-sport enthusiast.

I'm silent but have a sharp-tongued!

I love books and coffee.

I have bad habits (smoking and drinking).

I paint.

I easily loose my temper.

I have great friends and I'm fair to all!

I hate flowers.

And most of all…
I'm a bitch…so don’t mess up with my life.


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Nov 15, 2004

#51 - Arogante'

Some people have a habit of bragging their self.

Why these people exist? Why they have to act, speak or feel to others that they are eggheads?

No parents wanted their child / children to grow up Arrogant. From the time that the child has been conceived, parents had good plans ahead for their upcoming child. They wanted the best and bequeath everything for their child, but eventhough how much they provided (love, education, spiritual guidance and financial aid) still they can't control one's attitude.

Psychologically speaking, an arrogant behavior is not GENETIC but rather it can be acquired. Persons who fall on these have causes why they develop such behavior. During the formative years of a child, environment is the big factor of the child's manner. A child can easily pick-up and mimic what they saw or heard from their surroundings. Whether good or bad, he will carry these traits until he grows up unless of course, he became aware of his manners.

Furthermore, one thing I noticed about these people is that the more you praise them, they will definitely like it. Maybe that is the reason why I am always opposed to these people coz I don’t bend with them. They are not amusing!!!

On the other hand, arrogant people can be helpful sometimes. Being arrogant on the right place and the right time is necessary. I have a friend who is partially arrogant (medyo lang) and when the time calls for it, he helps us out for an escape.

Arogante' - Spanish word for arrogant people.

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Nov 9, 2004

#50 - Dose of Medicine

Meeting arrogant people in a comical way is a good medicine especially to those who suffers a migraine like me.

I had a great dose of medicine last week while shopping. I know it's bad to laugh at someone but I can't help it.

Anyway, the guy was so mean to a Pinay Sales clerk. I can't help to eavesdrop on their conversation coz the guy was really so nasty and nosy. He could ask the sales clerk in a nice way to help him out for his purchases but to shout at her, oh my! I would really like to kick the guy's ass. I won't go for the details but here's the funny side of the story. The guy came out from the changing room and handed to the sales clerk the trousers he tried. I was at the cashiers paying for my purchases when he came near me to pay also. I was shocked at first when I saw him. I was trying to control myself from laughing but it was too late, he saw my expression so I approached him and said, "Excuse me sir, would you mind to close your fly". He was somewhat slow to get my message so I look down. He turned his back on me after that but too late, the sales clerk was at his back laughing too.

Excuse for my manner, but I really had a good laugh on that situation.

What a coincidence that happened to me next, I was waiting for my friend at the coffee shop when this guy came. He saw me, smiled at me and approached me. He was so damned timid and apologetic. I was stunned when he apologized. I told him that he should not apologize on that situation. My friend from that coffee shop even told me that same guy is their regular customer and was nasty sometimes.

KARMA works.

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Nov 8, 2004

#49 - Something to Last

It feels good to have something or someone that you want to last with but unfortunately you cant always have what you want.


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Nov 1, 2004

#48 - Light Those Candles

When I was a child, I'm looking forward of Nov. 1. Why? -- because I can see my cousins again, play candles with them and I can eat my favorite food.

I can still remember that All Saint's Day is somewhat a family reunion to us. We, my family and other relatives, will meet at the cemetery to offer candles, flowers, foods and prayers for our departed loved ones. We will stay there for an hour or two so that adults can share stories, and we (with my cousins) will play.

In the afternoon, my mom and my sister were busy in the kitchen, preparing foods and other things. They always cook the favorite foods of my (deceased) grandfather and aunt. Every year, these same foods are always in our dining table and especially cook for this occasion only. Imagine that!!! Anyway, I took advantage of this occasion for Arroz Valenciana and Rice Cake (biko) are my favorites too.

I belong to a typical Filipino family wherein we follow an old tradition that was handover to my mom. At exactly 5:00pm, we will make a small altar in our house, put the pictures of our departed relatives, with flowers, lighted candles and laid down their favorite foods. At 6:00pm, we will open all our windows, open our door (not the main gate), light the candle and put on the opposite side of the door and mom will call us to pray not only for our departed relatives soul but also to others especially the lost ones. My mom believed that souls needed a prayer too.

It must be creepy to others but it is true, we really open our windows and door for we are inviting them to our house. Hehehe.

Anyway, that was before. My family doesn’t go to cemetery anymore during this occasion because of traffic and cemetery became crowded. We still follow the same tradition of making an altar, offer flowers, candles and foods. My mom, and whoever stays with her during that day, still prays at 6:00pm. My brothers have their family now. My sisters and I has different schedules/activities.

I'm still looking forward of Nov. 1. Why? -- Because it means a long-weekend. (Yehey, away from the office!)
Me and my climb buddies were always elsewhere to climb or go to the beach and camp, it depends on the holiday break. Mom knew that whenever we had a long-weekend, she anticipates that my sisters and I were out of town.

On the other hand, whether I am at the campsite of the mountain or at the beach, I make sure to light a candle and offer prayer for all the departed souls, that's it, before I got drunk or else I might put my tent on fire. =)

To Atot, Homer & others, enjoy your climb!!! (Mt. Kabunian – Poblacion, Bakun Benguet- Oct29-Nov2)
So sad, i cannot join them *sigh*

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