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Dec 26, 2006

#177 - Christmas wont be the same without YOU!

It's the time of year
When good friends/family are near
Tryin' hard to find a quiet moment
Sharing love and joy
Children with their toys
Sadness fills my heart to see you go
Christmas won't be the same without you
Christmas won't be the same if you go
All I need to see standing by my Christmas tree
Christmas won't be the same without you
Christmas won't be the same
Christmas won't be the same
Without you!
Just missed him so much!

To all who greet me, called me and sent an ecard thank you so much. You guys lift my sad christmas spirit.



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Dec 21, 2006

#176 - Back at Last

Vacation is superb but the work that I left behind is awesome!

Anyway, my vacation was shortened (5 days) coz of payroll. Blame it on “On-Call” system, that wherever you are, you must answer your freaking phone.

Back to my vacation, I really had a great time. First time that I had a grand vacation without worrying on everything (money, time, people and rules). Just imagine that!

Here’s some photos.

My first love
Going down...

Sawasdee kha
Up, up and away...

Freaking High
I believe i could fly!

Im not freak, just dare to be different!




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