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MoMmY Lei

Mar 30, 2006

#144 - 40 Days and counting...

40 days had past,
Since the last time I heard your voice.
Full of life, dreams and inspiration.
Fighting the battle of D.

You were so excited when you heard it.
And I was glad that you like it.
All set and ready to go,
To spend your whole week to your dream (the beach)

People (at the resort) talked how a joker you are.
Always smiling and crackling jokes.
Even you don’t drink, you bestow money for drinking session
Just to talk and be merry with them.

I must be dreaming when I heard this,
For I knew how disciplinarian you were,
Others were frightened of you,
Coz they found you snobbish.

But, when you least expect it, u gave up!
All got shocked and stunned.
After a full week of happiness and planning,
You left me with unfinished dreams.

I don’t have the right to get angry
Your time is up and no extension.
All I could do is pray and be strong
Even it hurts me till now.


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Mar 5, 2006

#143 - Thanks

To all whom offers prayers and moral support for the demise of my father, thank you! God Bless to all of you who understand my current situation. Please continue to pray for my family especially for my mom and me. It's hard to accept and let go but… it's God's will.

I'll come back after my father's 40-days.

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