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Jun 24, 2006

#159 - Which is which... or i am a witch...

In a relationship...

When two people singing different tunes and both would not compromise to give in,
Which will you prefer?



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Jun 17, 2006

#158 - Buh-bye & Hello

Used &

Extreme Anxiety/Partner

Forfeits everything
Ruined the Amity

Now, just keep quiet
Or hurt more, coz both will be


Decision to shut-up was unlikely for me.
Being adamant not to express my emotions kills me.
I was affected and got hurt for I value it.


I thought I could hide from this day yet I failed.

This is the first Father's Day that really breaks my heart. Up to this moment, pain still succumbs. Everyone was trying to tell me to move on and accept it. I was so stubborn to listen and was really having bad time for the last couple of days. Though I knew that he's happy joining our creator, who am I to continue grieving?

Heartaches and angst makes me weak and with that, I'm saying goodbye to them.


To all of you, I'm not going to quit! Blogging is part of my life; I was able to meet YOU, who give encouragements, supports, advices and camaraderie, so why should I quit?

Hello Blogkada! Blogging rocks!!!


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Jun 9, 2006

#157 - Hmmmm

blog layout


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Jun 5, 2006

#156 - Really really BAD!!!


Im in Foul Mood today!

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Jun 1, 2006

#155 - Life at the Sea

People dive into the sea, some for pleasure, some for research, some for recreation and some for commercial purposes.

I was a scuba diver.

I got fascinated from this sport during college days but sad to say, my mom wouldn’t allowed me to participate in this kind of sport. Year 1999, I met a Client/Business Associate, an active diver and telling me stories about her adventures. She didn’t know that I got an idea from her that I decided to enrolled and get a license under CMAS. Since then, I got addicted and hooked-up in diving. Most of my weekends were at the beach, that I did not mind having dry hair and became too tanned (negra).

Scuba Diving is one hell of a sport. Sea water is saline water, so if you are a serious one, you must take a proper training in Diving. It is dangerous for someone who does not have any knowledge regarding sea beds, buoyancy, water pressure and compression/decompression.

I quit scuba diving for some personal reasons and I shift to another extreme sports.

Here's some of my pics courtesy of my Japanese buddy.

During my Training Session at Aqua Tropical Sports - Mabini Batangas


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