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Oct 22, 2006

#174 - Preparing for the Rainy Days

Life during Ramadan is fast-paced in the morning and super laid back in the evening. Since my work schedule was shortened to six hours (without break), I must move my butt in order to conquer the day. Actually, I could finish my job on time if only my boss and other subordinate will come on time too. I know their feeling, coz I am practicing fasting also.

It's my first time to practice fasting and I could say that it was real hard for my first 3 days.

- I will take Suhoor between 2:00AM to - 3:00AM.
- Sleep till 7:00AM (work starts at 8:30AM)
- Work till 2:30PM
- Sleep after work and wake up before iftar (depends on the Sun)
- Going out in the night or Couch Potato style till 3:30AM

My body was so light and I was too lazy to move. I got a splitting headache and all I want to do is sleep and wait for iftar, but once your body adopted the new system, you can seized the day and the feeling of laziness is all in the mind. I was getting used to it already when my monthly period came and I had to stop fasting until it ends. Then fast again once my flow is totally finish and the feeling of laziness is back.

Anyway, have you tried eating this? These are Date Palm or Dates..

These are very famous during Ramadan. It's delicious, chewy, combination of sweet and sour taste like tamarind. My first time to taste this fruit and it's good with almond. Dates comes with different variety, some are with almonds, or with coated chocolates or used as jam in biscuits. Some says that these fruits serves as an approdisiac also, check with KD or Pipay, they knew so much about these fruits. hehehe

Since i'm fasting, I was forced to eat this first and drink water slowly to stabilize my body inorder not to hurt my stomach, and then I can eat as much as I want. I eat a lot during iftar, and i'm too lazy to jog in the evening. All I want is tea and watch FRIENDS series till 3:30AM. No wonder I gained X pounds again… hahaha!

Tomorrow is Eid Al-Fitr, end of Ramadan. It will be a 2-days holiday for private sector and 9-days holiday for students and government sector.

I'll be too busy also coz I'm preparing for my big vacation.

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim brothers and sisters!

What's on my title? I really have no idea!

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Oct 2, 2006

#173 - Scrapp IT oUt

I love ARTS!

Oooppps, im not bragging, I just love arts. I used to draw/sketch, paint, crochet, stenciling, crossstich/stiching, paper cutouts or anything regarding arts. Just give me the scissor, pencil and paper or any materials and i'll do the rest.

Last year, I saw Vanessa's wonderful artworks and I got interested but due to toxic schedule, I wasn’t able to pursue this hobby. So I set aside this. Then after some months I saw Jo's version of Van's works, but this time it's digital, click here. Hmmm, more interesting so i tried searching the net the easiest and cheapest software to use… hehehe, (damn, I really am stingy except on shoes and books). I tried 3 software trial version and end up with Photomix. It's fun to work around with your pictures and computer, was so thankful of Joan for the freebies and LO's site.

What's more, there are group of designers who formed a club werein you could be a member. Aside from giving freebies, these designers are encouraging newbies to show their talents by their contest. So I joined their contest and with their permission(KU, Tita Katrina, Atot and Pipay), I made some scrapps on their pics.

I got hooked on Digital Scrapping as well as Manual Scrapping

I received a beginners scrapping material from Vanessa as a prize when I won from her contest. I tried it! Hmmm, just check it out

Thanks Vanessa

Arts became part of my life coz I'm maARTe! hehehe


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