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May 23, 2010

Triple B

Blog is my only companion where I can pour out my ghastly feelings right now. It has been years since my last post and I thought I will never return to blogging with angst. But I'm wrong!

I just wanted to share with you one of my stories here in the land of oil and sand.

I was duped and devastated when I confirmed my suspicion.....

A year ago, I met a lady through a common friend. I even recommended her to replace my job when I was transferred to another place.

We jive instantly and our friendship developed. I even introduced her to my mom and to the rest of my family. In short, I have treated her as a sister. She was welcome to my circle of friends and was all amaze how good she was.

Little did I know that an angel face was a devil in disguise.

Triple B, that’s me! That’s how she refers me to her lover.

Bad Influence
Bitch (hmmm…sounds familiar)
Bugaw (Pimp in English).

A friend that I treasured and treated as a sister called me that! I was really devastated from all the lies that she invented against me towards her lover. I admit that I doubted her actions before, but I did not entertain the thoughts knowing that she is my friend. I even give her a chance to talk and to prove, on what I saw and witnessed before was wrong but she kept quiet. Until the bombshell was out!!!

I think triple B applies for her own agenda. Imagine this…

She uses my name everytime she went home late! - B.I.
She uses my name as an excuse whenever she wanted to go out! - Bitch
She uses my name whenever she wants to meet another guy. - Bugaw

What a life!

There are more shocking stories that need not to elaborate. All I can think of right now, my former friend is a true blue Madonna material girl in person.

Name it all, just imagine madonna’s video of material girl, she has all that.

A great pretender (trying to be clean and naïve) and user for the last 4 years to the old married guy for material things.

Right now, she doesn’t know that I already know her secrets. I must seal my lips and control my bitchy attitude till the situation is clear.

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