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Mar 30, 2005

#96 - Dilemma

I have a terrible HEADACHE!!!

Lack of sleep, too much problem, confuse, blackmails. . .i don’t know!!!

My burden is too heavy that I cannot carry it anymore (but I need to, damn!). I cant discuss it to anyone or even to my closest friends. I just cant!

I want to go home. Wish my mom is here.

What to do!!!

Thanks Nymous and Shafu for hearing out my unwanted whining and wailing although you don’t know what is it.

Yeah right Ymir and Mark, I need to smile eventhough my mind and heart wanted to explode.

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Mar 14, 2005

#93 - A day with the USS Rushmore's

I received an unexpected call last Wednesday. I did not anticipate that he would call me again. I was shocked that an old friend still regards me as a big sister despite the fact that I had a terrible disagreement with her sister.

Anyway, after that call, we were back into our old ways and invited me over to meet him coz he's here. He's actually in here near me. Their ship docked here for 5days.

Together with my friend, we met him last weekend with his liberty-buddy. Grrrr. . . He made us wait for 2 hours but anyway, the whole day was fun coz I met some of his colleagues too. We had our lunch at Pinoy Restaurant, gone some shopping, picture taking, shopping again and had a few drinks at Pinoy Bar before their curfew.

It was total fun and riot. These guys were so amazing.

I got their permission to post their pics.

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Mar 8, 2005

#92 - FISHy

Dream no more! I can go Fishing Again!!!

Yesterday my friend's friend went fishing. She called me if I wanted to join her friends and yes, I really wanted to join fishing. So we follow her friends and wow, this is what I want.

I like fishing despite the waiting time. I don’t have a patience for it but that waiting time is what I like most - Bitching around! Sharing jokes, endless talk, funny acts, laughing aloud and smoking makes the trip memorable aside from the big catch.

Anyway, we were late when we reached the place and I fail to witness when they catch the big fish. Hmmm, yummy. The guys were in their position again for another catch. I just watch them for I don’t have the gears. So stories and jokes started. Pinoy pa, laging me baon na mga joke!

We didn’t stay long coz it freaking cold and when they found out that I drink, grabe! they packed their rods, wrapped the fishes and decided to rush to liquor store. INUMAN NA!!!!

Pinoy's camaraderie is unique. You will not be alienated to their group. And so aside from gaining new fishing buddies, I have new drinking buddies.

Next stop -> island fishing


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Mar 1, 2005

#89 - Bloggin All the WAY!

Im back to the Blog world and to my ordinary world.

I'm away from my "regular life" for 10 days. I been living abnormally but I enjoyed every minute of it.

- 10 days of OOP, scripting, querying, testing and debugging.
- 10 days of sleeping routine (3am sleeping time; 6:30am wake-up time)
- 10 days of no regular meal
- 1 day to analyze
- 1 day discussion over the phone
- 4 days programming
- 2 days testing and reworks
- 1 day online testing
- 1 day to finalize everything and send it

My friend asked me if I could help him out on his problem. He has a deadline to finish or else … so he told me the scenario. It was quite exciting. So I said yes and he sends me the specs.

My job is to finish one module from his complex program. It was really difficult at first but I got along and find my way.

I don’t know how to explained to my friends what I have been up to lately. So if one friend calls me up, im telling them im with the other group and vise versa…hehehe, sorry friends.

He couldn’t believe me when I told him that it's ready for online testing. He gave me 3 weeks for the program. My big problem came for online testing, I don’t have a landline in my place and I cant test it in our office. Besides I need to adjust from his time. Solution - bluetooth! Through my mobile phone, I was able to connect to the net, test my program, and dilemma for both of us started. I won't tell the technical details coz it may bore you about it. In short, we were able to run through the program and I got an instant "sideline".

Next job – online tutorial for M but aside from that, expect me more on every blog that I will visit. .. Blogging all the way!

Sarap magrelax pero hindi pwede, instead I read my new book and . . . I nearly throw it to my window…watch out for it.

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