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Mar 28, 2008

Earth Hour

Join me and thousand of UAE residents will be switching off all non-essential lights for one hour at 8pm (local time) tomorrow, March 29, 2008 as well as an estimated 30 cities from all over the world.

By signing-up here, you can see the difference that you can contribute to fight the global warming.

Dubai authorities gives an all out support to Earth Hour by switching off the lights on their iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab. Hands off to Sheikh Maktum and all the people for supporting this cause. Dubai is the fist arab city to join Earth Hour.

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Mar 25, 2008

Constant Change

There's no permanent in this world only Constant Change!

Constant Change is part of our everyday life. Nothing stays the same but we are not comfortable on it. It hampers our schedule tasks/routines and interrupts our plans. These changes are sometimes erratic and inescapable that results a person to become frustrated and anxious over bad things or excited and eager over good things.

Constant change affects our lives, parents, family, friendship, career, health, government and everything in this world. Most of us are not ready on this Change because we want permanence and stability in our life. In fact, some are worried and scared on this.

Positive thinking or re-orienting oneself is a better tactic to accept Changes. You don’t have any choice but to adopt and welcome it to your life. Since Changes will be part of your life, why not thrive on it and analyze what is best for you.

So, it is up to the person how to perceive the Constant Change in life, whether positive or negative.

It saddened me that my friend, Jacq will be transferred to another place, leaving Willa and me but on the other hand, we were happy for his promotion.

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Mar 23, 2008

White Water Rafting

Just Another Adventure ...

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Mar 18, 2008

Give Thanks

God really works in mysterious way.

I'm so happy that God used the doctors and nurses as an instrument for a blogger friend's successful operation.

Thank you Lord for another new day on her.


Take care, I'm praying for your quick recovery!

Let's celebrate!!!



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Mar 12, 2008

Word of Honor

Source: Hyper Dictionary

Word of Honor - A PROMISE

- Make a promise or commitment
- a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do or not to do something in the future.


How important is Word of Honor to you? Do you value it? Do you value every word that comes from your mouth? Or you don’t know it at all.

Some people tend to promise on something. I don’t know if it's a habit or they just wanted to keep the mouth shut on the other's party. You should be aware that whatever words that comes out from your mouth could be taken against you!!!

I couldn’t help but wonder that the kind of situation I'm witnessing right now really exist in this world. I thought it could only happen in the TV series, books or movies – meaning the writer's wild imagination. I was so surprised that someone's attitude will change because of money.

Anyway, some unforeseen event happened here and it involves my two friends (The Manager and The Winner). I met them through another friend and I could tell that they are nice people. They are working in the same company and they had a good working relationship. Last time I seen them together was with The Manager's surprised party from his staff. The Winner is one of the staff.

To sum it all, the Winner and his wife went to the Manager to borrow some money (which they always do) coz they will buy a video cam. The Manager, who always ready to help, agreed and even accompanied them. While at the mall, the Manager decided to buy a new mobile and they saw the Mall's current promo. So they redeemed their receipts for coupons. Since they got too much coupon and were mixed up, they decided that whoever wins, it would be divided to three and all agreed.

Of course by now you know who won (The winner). Actually we were so happy that a Pinoy won the first prize, a brand new car amounting to USD 40,000.00 . The Winner informed The Manager that they won the prize. He emphasized "us". So the Manager just kept quiet but hoping. Now, The Winner turned the tide and made stories that it's his luck and he was only joking on his promise and spreading more bad news regarding the Manager and the whole staff got shocked. In the end, we found out that the Winner couldn’t decide coz the Wife was the one managing the money.

Hmmm, money money money… The Wife even forgot who took her to the hospital when she had an emergency, when the Management decided to shift her husband to another state and cried hard not to transfer him and when the wife was transferred here coming from another state…who helped them? Of course the poor Manager. What's so insulting, the wife gave the Manager USD 500.00 ! ouch....

"Money is the root of all evil." I don’t think so! Money doesn’t command people to do bad or good things. It depends on someone how to spend/use it and how to interact to others - if you have mind...

tsk! tsk! tsk! Where's your word of Honor? or it's a horror!

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Mar 10, 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall

I am a transparent person! You could easily forecast coz i'm not a magician to conceal it. I was a moody person before, especially during my adolescent stage wherein war over my YS (youngest sister) strikes through and she always won coz of my mom. I was able to overcome my moodiness during college time but I guess it's back!

My moodiness started again when dad died. I easily lost my patience and ready to shout to other people. I fought back and give a dagger eyes on someone. I'm trying my best to change. It really hurt me to hurt someone's feeling (intentionally or not).

I keep away from blogsphere to lessen my posts and avoid causing more trouble for I might write hurtful words but a blogger will always be a blogger. So here I am, back at two!

I started my blog out of boredom and homesickness and was encouraged by my friends (mae and daday). Truly, blogging makes me occupied. I found my sanctuary! My haven… my BLOG.

Happy to be with my blogkada!

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Mar 9, 2008

Mind Your Language

I found an alternative remedy for my moods. I take it in between of my foul and bitching mood. It's an adrenalin for my veins and the remedy is called "Mind Your Language" series.

I have been so addicted to British Comedy Series "Mind Your Language" 1977 version for the past couple of weeks. Tita Shirley introduced me to this worry-free adrenalin. It was hilarious and damned witty! I really laugh out loud that I don’t care whether my neighbors heard me or not.

Here's the synopsis:
Jeremy Brown is an English Teacher for an evening class of foreign students. Students came from China, India, Pakistan, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan, France, Germany and Sweden who has problem on English language. Most of the comedy derived from misunderstanding an English language of Mr. Brown's students aside from his pain in the butt principal, Ms. Courtney, a college principal who always seemed to find him in a compromising situation, a cafeteria lady, who gossip so much and Sid, the janitor who needs a hearing aid.

Im still waiting for Volume 5 & 6.

It's a good medicine for brokenhearted people

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Mar 8, 2008

ShAkE it BaBy!

I won't enumerate the details of my depression but I could assure you that gone are the days of being celexa dependent thou till now my earliest sleeping time is 12:00am, it's good enough (rather than 4am and wake up at 6am).

I only took it for a week and gosh, I gained 20 pounds!!! The fact that I couldn’t sleep and eat less, I still gained weight because of that drug. My friends got alarmed not on my sleepless nights but on my bulging tummy and arms! WTF! I got worried… again!!!

My aunt advised me to go for fruits! Another problem, I rarely eat fruits. Solution, go for fresh fruit juice or shake! So I bought a blender!

8 days ago, I started my NO-RICE regimen.

Breakfast: 2 slice bread with mortadella and cheese
Lunch: same as breakfast
Dinner: Fruit Shake (Fruits and Ice only).

I lessen my coffee from 7 cups to 4 cups a day.
I cut my nicotine vitamins from 12+ sticks to 7-sticks a day. Yes Melai, I've done it!
I submerged to alot of water. Nyahahahaha! MJ mas ok ito sa coke!

The Result: I lost 10 pounds now and still counting… hahaha! Inggit si tita ann.

I could rummage my not-too-fit dresses before or go for shopping! Di ba Ma'am Rems, Teks at Ate Ethel, let's go!

Move over Pips, I could wear my two-piece bathing suit, backless, sleeveless, plunging, halter, strapless blouses… nyahahaha! Those are in my DREAMS only!!!

Anyway, it's good to lose weight, and I'm encouraging TK to try it! Come on sis, you could do it!!!

It feels good but ... Ate Ghee and Kathy, i miss my sushi and maki... wahhh!

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Mar 7, 2008

Bring back the old times

Seeing her template, I was taken-aback and was blast from my childhood memories. I couldn’t help but to admire and linger on the memories that I left behind and totally lock-up in my closet. I admit that I used to fancy Sanrio, Barbie and Rag dolls stuff!!!

Yesss, deep inside my rugged, sturdy, maton features… I was once a fanatic of these accessories. I was once feeling like a girl – playing Barbie stuff with all Sanrio frills inside Barbie's house, but….poooofff…. all gone and lock up. I got tired and started playing with boys -> jolens, tex, kalog-tansan, shato, moro-moro and taguan-pong. Then grade school activities make me busier that I don’t have time to check on them anymore.

Few years back, GiftGate franchise Sanrio stuff. I got hook up again that I suddenly realized where all my stuff has gone?

Anyway, I was enthralled when I saw Ate Ethel's new template that I adopt some of her pixies.

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Mar 6, 2008

Funny to know that im still Alive!

Grieving silently makes me rational. The solitude of my corner (so called-room) is my bystander, my bed and pillows under the comfort of my comforter became an instant friend whenever sobs/tears trying to emerge from my eyes. In my corner, I can transpire to normal situation. No pretensions and forces from others.

Sad but true that I'm living and pretending of what I'm not! Blame it for repressing my bereavement during dad's wake. I had shown that I'm tough which makes me regret until now. It's hard to cry, whine, suggest, complain, among others things when there are people who has more predicament, which needs support and compassion, and most of all, depend on you. Besides, seeing mom like that makes me sadder.

Now, it made me speculate why some are different. How could they grief, then the next day as if nothing happened? How could they move on? Is it a matter of strategy? What is your game plan? Don’t tell me about accepting, been there done that!

Time – I don’t know? If I could buy my time, why not?

Moving on is a good way-out but don’t neglect the others and made them feel that they are excess baggage.

Sometimes, being tough is good, to fight back the egoistic Animals.

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Mar 5, 2008


I had a rapid breathing, sweating starts to come eventhough A/C is working, and then I felt like vomiting and nauseating coz of shortness of breath… I thought I'm going to collapse…

Good thing the Indian guy beside me noticed my uneasiness and got alarmed. He led me out to breathe and have space coz im starting to attract an attention.

Once out, cold wind enfold me and let go a big sigh. I was like awaken from gruesomeness. I thought I overcome it. I got startled. Same scenario, same reaction.(my old post)

WTF is this? I tried searching the net about this thing and I was shocked when I read the symptoms. Same thing that I felt when I was inside the church and unexpectedly witness the wedding.

Fear of Marriage.


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Mar 4, 2008


Do I get your attention?

F.A.C.K.Forgive Accept Courage Knockout

These four words linger on me for the past couple of weeks. It took me weeks to achieve it.

on Forgiving...

I called and sent emails to some people who are insensible on me and forgive them.
I called former friends/colleagues whom I hurt/offended along the way and ask for their forgiveness.
I forgive myself.

* and it was a good feeling doing that.

on Accepting...

I already accepted, although it's hard , all the things that happened to me.

I always telling my friends that everything was fine with me and accepted things as they are but im just fooling them, worst, im fooling myself because deep inside, I couldn’t accept things that happened to me.

* Now that I accepted those things, it was a good feeling doing that.

on Courage...

Acts of Bravery is very hard especially if you have doubts on yourself. This is the hardest thing from the four. It took me days to have courage to call these people.

* and it was a good feeling doing that.

on Knockout...

It only means one thing, start a new life and knockout those emotions.

Get rid of the past situation/memories and start again. Start to pick-up the pieces and put it in the right places.

Meditation really helps me a lot. It gives me a clear mind and perception for my life. I know im a bitch, I lost my temper easily, I answered back and I provoke people if they are nasty on me.

All things that happened to me have a reason. God knew that I could handle those things. After reading that book, im happy and thankful that I am still Alive.

This is not for the forthcoming Holy Week. This is for my peace of mind.

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Mar 3, 2008


Shame on me! Shame on me!


"You changed so much, before you keep on reminding us about time management, huh! Where are you now? You don’t have time for us. Blah blah blah"

I was taken aback! Am I right when I heard those words? It took me a minute to come back to earth!

We are in the middle of our sharing / bonding moments when my friend butt in those statements. I dont have any right to question her or to be annoyed because it's freaking true! I hardly see them but I thought they would understand my situation. When they were in my shoes, I didn’t ask nor demand. Well anyway, that's their opinion.

Maybe she expresses those words because we rarely go out now. Our nightly coffee habits lessen or maybe it's a sign to replace my current Watch!!!


"There are things in this world that needs to be corrected/reprimanded inorder to change/avoid situations. One should be precise on his statement to convey the meaning and make sure not to humiliate the other party."

Ok, I admit, I have MPD – Multiple Personality Disorder … hahaha… whenever the red flag is up (monthly period) The Nasty Sulking Lei is overpowering Mommy Lei. Once Nasty Sulking Lei dominate the system her big uncontrollable mouth and temper starts oozing bad expressions.

NSL has a bad temper.
NSL can easily loose her temper and could not control it.
NSL utter bad words that she didn’t mean but sometimes she do it deliberately.
NSL ended up barking at the wrong tree.

In short, I hurt someone and he just kept quiet to avoid having conflict with me.
I'm sorry.

I really hate myself!!!

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Mar 2, 2008

Parting Time

There is something wrong with myself.

I should be happy because I met a new friend and at the same time, my long-time friend's problem was finally over but then . . .

Am I really weird or just acting like a selfish bitch?

My friend, whom I treated like a sister, is leaving me for good. She is the first friend that I met and jive along instantly in this place. She had a good life here before. She's full of fun and lively. She was the one who pushed me back to God and always urging me to join SFC (Single for Christ) but I constantly declining her offers coz it's not my cup of tea in joining groups. She keeps on reprimanding me on my smoking and drinking. We made plans for our vacations and future business. All the good and sweet dreams/hopes that this country could offer turned sour on her due to the situation that she encountered.

Her problem was frustrating and traumatic that she became numb and afraid to go out alone. She was having nightmares and bad feelings that she became recluse to her room and that I have to nag her and dragged her out from her place. We go out from coffee shop to mall to church just to talk and ease her mind from her problems. I shun her away going to bars and disco coz it not good for her. I even adopted her for days to live in my flat.

And now, she's going back for good and it's hard for me to accept that I'll loose another friend. I didn’t even went to her farewell party lastnight.

Why I am being so stupid and a selfish bitch? I should be happy that she'll have peace of mind and will start to pick up herself back to normal.

Maybe, I will just miss her salads, her constant calls and reminders, her sweetness, her cries, her laughter, our memorable experience in prison and ER in hospital last Christmas, our fishing trips . . . I will definitely miss her, just like that!

Today is her flight back to our country and I'm avoiding her calls coz I HATE GOODBYES!!!

There is no permanent in this world, only CONSTANT CHANGE!

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Mar 1, 2008


Pardon me, but this post is a sensitive one, I don’t have any intention to hurt anybody! Please be discreet.

Have you heard this? Or are you familiar with this line…"women trapped in male bodies"

They belong under Transsexualism

At an early age, being exposed to this kind of situation is queer and exciting. Having a transsexual family friend, I learned their languages, names, and dreams. He(she) was free to come and go in our house except when dad was around. As I mentioned previously, dad was a disciplinarian. He doesn’t hate transsexual person, but he hates them wearing inappropriate clothes.

I met more Trans in school and sports activities. I could easily befriend them rather than my same gender. Gays are gays, their nature is really different from woman. Their life is very vibrant and they are vocal. No pretentions, no ill-feeling, no boring time. When i returned to climbing, they were my guides and partners. They are life of the group, especially when impersonating someone - a total entertainer. I was lucky to meet them and I could say that they are decent.

When I was assigned in Bangkok, I met an amazing woman. Very intelligent indeed especially on business side. We found out that we were both staying in the same hotel thus we became breakfast-mates, one of the hotel benefits! We totally enjoyed our conversation till such time that she invited me for a drink in her room. I don’t know what pushed her to confess about her real stay in Bangkok or maybe we were drunk! I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she was a HE. A Shemale to be exact! Her doctor was observing her transplant operation before she could return to her country. I was stunned at first! I heard stories about this but never met someone totally; anyway I'm happy for her and to her dreams.

On the otherhand, while working there, I found out how Thai's respect the Trans. You would not believe me but in every forms/reports that should be generated (for Loans and Credit Card) under the GENDER tab, it's not the usual Male or Female only, rather they have OTHERS. I made a double check on this item to the VP before I start my system design. He told me about the growing population of Trans and they should respect them. So, no ifs and buts, I have to include it in the system.

Another scenario that I witnessed, I had an officemate, a Thai transplanted. The people there really welcome her in the office and you will not hear any derogatory remarks. The women love her and welcome her. Oh by the way, she has the right to use the ladies restroom.

This is my firsthand experience that im just sharing. Trans are human being and they exist in this world!

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