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Aug 19, 2006

#168 – Weekend Date with Joey

Weekend was so humid! So I opted to stay in my flat and spend time with my couch, chips and JOEY.

Couch + Potatoes


Date with Joey

I really had a good time with Joey! So funny and witty! nyahahaha!

If you're familiar with FRIENDS series, Joey Tribbiani is one of them and moves to LA with his sister (Gina), nephew (Michael) and noze-zy neighbor (Alex). Just read the rest here -> JOEY


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Aug 6, 2006

#166 - Lets Get HIGH

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but Time.

If you're a mountaineer, you should know this oath!

My x-bf introduced me to climbing! So tiring yet fun but the adrenalin to continue did not pursue that time. Any activities that could hinder my studies were a BIG NO to my mom.

After years of being active in the water, I came back to climbing. A friend advised me that to cure a broken heart was to engage in sports, be active and get busy, so he invited me to join SIERA Friendship climb in Mt. Pinatubo. That event became a turning point in my climbing life. I retire from diving and concentrate on climbing. I met new friends and learned more about the mountains in my homeland. I learned to packed light, foods to prepare, the value of salt and jelly-ace, excersice/training before a major assault and was even introduce on more sports.

Mountains became our getaway during weekends. I became addicted but I won't enumerate how many mountains I climbed, how many times I stumbled, how many cigarettes I puffed on cold summits or campsite, how I got drunk on minor climbs and among other things. One thing I miss more, the camaraderie not only within my group but also to all climbers who I met along the trail or in the campsite.

As I ascend and descend the mountain, I learned to value things that I neglect in the city. I became aware of my environment, the local people and most of all, the HIGH feeling I cant explained reaching the summit, thanking God that I've made it!

Oh how I miss the mountains… and the climbers.


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