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Jul 30, 2005

#115 - Trance

I almost ruined myself because of my freaking temper!

Morning: I freak out, I gone mad and I really could feel that my temper was boiling. I'm still sane during that time but I was so rude to anyone who came to me and I'm having a hard time controlling my mouth!!!

Reason: My youngest sister
I sponsored my sister here. She arrived two weeks ago and been helping her out to secure a good job. My brother is a big help also. I welcomed her as if nothing happened in the past. My boyfriend was so nice on her. My mom even gave a letter entrusting my sister on my care. Hmmmm…

The Past: We grew up having sibling rivalry. We clashed a lot when we were kids. She's my mom's favorite eventhough my mom would deny it and says she loves us all (6 children including freaking lei). Until such time that we decided not to study in the same school (college) inorder to avoid conflict. Things running smoothly, we rarely clashed coz of different activities, hobbies and until such time that I decided to live independently after college. I got a good job and an apartment of my own and I knew she was jealous especially when my mom did not allow her to live alone. Our relationship did not rekindle anymore.

The Dilemma: I promised my mom that I would help whatever it takes me. Now that she found a good job, our rivalry revived. Something happened towards our conversation and last thing I knew we were shouting at each other and brought up the dead issue from the grave. I almost throw my phone on her when she utters those words. I was so shocked when I heard it. I really lose my temper!

The Compromise: My brother stands as our referee. He knew how stubborn I am and how sensitive my sister. He enlightened us but I knew that I hurt her also but being an eldest, I want respect from her. In the end, I have to understand and give way on her.

I really don’t know why it happened or why I let the past spoiled us. I nearly ruined my relationship, good thing that he understands my moods.

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Jul 16, 2005

#113 - cRAZy Me

2:45 AM – July 16, 20053:15 AM – July 16, 2005

This line ain't for concert;
Neither for a movie theatre;
Kids and adults fall for these
It's the book launching of HP6.

I drag my boyfriend to join me at the mall early this morning for the book launching of Harry Potter 6 (The Half Blood Prince).

One of the Bookstore's promo here is buy one take one of HP6 for the first 100 customers only. The Store was opened at 3AM. We reached the place around 2:45AM, to think that I have work at 8AM, but sad to say the police got startled about it and ordered the Bookstore to stop selling and to close the Mall.

What to do, we went back to the car and leave the area! What a great day!!! Now I'm too sleepy at my work! ZzzzZzzzZzzz.

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Jul 10, 2005

#112 - I was Tagged!

Perplexity is what I AM!

I've been away from my family and whenever homesickness hits me, I CRY. Aside from family and friends, sports activities and my collections are the things that I MISS most.

I HATE it when unexpected things happened to me and I can't control it. I WISH that all things will come to pass and will stop bugging me.

Instead, I LOOK for the brighter side and I DANCE with the flow of music. Although I FEAR for my dad's health, I HEAR God's voice telling me not to worry. So, I SING praises to God for all the blessings and miracles.

I REGRET for being close-minded regarding love for I HAVE a traumatic experience before. I kept on saying to my friends that all I NEED is a baby before I reach my 34th birthday.

But how come I HEAR different tune in my heart? I MUST be strong and firm, and go on with my plan. I cannot concentrate everytime I ACHE for him. Maybe I SEARCH so many places for the lost tile to complete the puzzle that's bugging me and I found it only here or maybe ... I LOVE him now.

I BLOG to express myself and I cant suppress my feelings anymore.

Thanks Nao for this tagged, thru this i was able to convey what i'm hiding from myself.
Hey Atot, laugh out loud. Ok fine, girl pala ako!!! Don’t worry I'm happy.

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Jul 5, 2005

#111 - Complicated

Overcoming a disastrous experience is not that easy.
Trials, misfortune, hardship and accidents that came unexpectedly,
Giving you no choice but to wish to end it all,
Either a Big tidal wave to engulf you or simply the earth could swallow you.
But HE gave you chance to think and decide.
And to sum it all, you overcome the worst dread.

Precision and consistency became your guiding rule.
Moving on and facing up the despotism world.
You became adept on challenges that come your way.
And gradually succeeded on some little ways,
Life becomes fair and tolerable just like the tide in the ocean.
So calm, so smooth, so relaxing that you could easily inhale.

When you least expected and avoided,
It appears from nowhere and infuriates your focus once again.
Provocation and intimidation maybe the good solution,
Or perhaps running away will be a quick resolution.
Years passed since you decided to cease and disown it.
But perplexity started to cross your mind and no way to block it.

The emotion that you denied and deprived in yourself for too long,
Aghast, you decided to unshackle it once and for all.

… and the day has COME to relinquish the chain in your heart.

wala lang.... di ko kamay yan ATOT!!!

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