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Jun 16, 2010

Poor Me

Are you poor? Well don't frown because it's not the end of the world.

Being a poor is not a crime or a sin to covet thy neighbour’s wife.
Being a poor is not a valid reason not to aim high for your dreams.

One of the hypocrite's theory in this world is 'I give up my hopes and dreams because I am a poor'. I don't believe in that! You are such a loser!

You may be born poor, poor in physical things, poor in spiritual aspect or intellectually poor, well don't linger on that. I do believe that everyone has their own mind to decide, to choose and to fulfil their dreams. I called it attitude!

Having a positive attitude is a good way to start your dream. Start with small yet possible dream to achieve.

Like an old friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday. All she wanted was to have a small gathering with her friends and family but she can't because of financial problem. Until one friend started an email announcement, made plans and volunteered to bring something. Then another friend, then another and so on, till we made a celebration at the park to fulfil our friend's small dream. We may be poor in financial matters but we are rich with friends.

It's not bad to have a dream. It's free and a big challenge for yourself. So plan well and make sure you will not destroy someone's lives just to achieve it.

Happy birthday Inchang!!!

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