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Feb 27, 2008

Aling Nene

Aling Nene, Tita Nene, Manang, Sis Nene or Mother in our neighborhood.

That's my Mom.

She's a disciplinarian type.
I'm a pain in the neck of my family, a devil's advocate. I grew up thinking that she didn’t love me coz her favorite amongst the six siblings is my youngest sister. So everytime I had a battle with my sister, she takes the side of her.

She's caring and fair.
Year 1999, when my engagement to my fiancée was called off. She can feel my pain and hug me. I told her everything. She comforted me and listens to my woes. That day, mother and daughter relationship started. After that, I make it a point to come back home during weekend to visit them coz I lived alone in the city.

She's a loving mother.
I was assigned overseas for my work project. Homesickness hit me. It was the worst feeling that I felt rather than a brokenhearted. I always called her and cried and she assured me that everything would be fine.

Now I understand why our neighbors loved her so much!
Today is her birthday. I may not be there physically but she knew how much I loved her.

Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love you. Miss ko na kayo ni Pa-nget.



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Feb 25, 2008

EXcHanGe fRoM aFaR

Delayed entry from last year...
One of the ingredients in preparing a hearty menu "Christmas" is a so-called "Exchange Gift" and I hate it!!!

Yes, you're reading it correctly. I don’t like this tradition especially if you don’t know who/what you're going to give. So when KU conceived this new idea, at first, I find it odd but I didn’t react to the group coz I don’t want to spoil the fun and later on I decided to join since I could ask the partner what to give. Hehehe

Thanks to KU's idea. It's really imperative to make your partner happy in unexpected way. How did it happen? Well, instead of customary way of exchanging gift to one another, He thought of we exchange gifts for our partners. Whoever was assigned to you, find out what is her/his partner would like to have this Christmas. Thanks Ghie for some tips. I didnt have a hard time to shop and choose. hehehe.

It will be hard on my part to keep it a secret coz I knew my bf would get worried and he has to keep track on the shipping. Anyway, I told him about the situation coz he's not a Christian. Arghhhhh, kainis!!!, no excitement, but he has no idea on the content (Ate Ethel asked me for some tips).

Yesterday, he called me and told me that he received a package from Ate Ethel. So I reminded him that she's my blogger friend. From his voice, I could sense his joy, of receiving a gift from someone. As if he won from a lottery. Hehehe. I told him not to open coz I wanted to take some pictures, but sadly, it is already open before it landed on his hands. I don’t know who/where/what or maybe this country is really strict on receiving packages/items. You could see from the box that it was previously opened and just put back a tape to close it (my, it's so obvious). So I don’t know the original content but we were thankful that we received it.

To Ate Ethel & Jean, thank you so much!

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Feb 24, 2008

When the going gets TOUGH...

<--- This is the book that I wanted to throw to my window.

I already saw this book around but never give any thought to read even the synopsis until Rors advised me that it's a must book to read that I became curious and bought one.

It's a light comedy genre and for people who can stand the slapstick humor of British comedy, which I became addicted to after watching "Mind your language" series. It's so hilarious as I turn the pages and irritating sometimes as some of the events/situation of Rebecca Bloomwood's "shopaholic" life do happened in the real world. If not only for the cost of this book, which equals to my two weeks allowance for my cigarette, I might throw it. The author has a good sense of humor and I really had a good laugh and got awestruck to every situation that Becky encountered.

I wont go for the details. It's up to the readers if they can carry on with this kind of book but I could say that the cover is really "girly" thing.

"When the going gets TOUGH - the tough goes SHOPPING!" – Becky's motto.

And so am I.

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Feb 11, 2008

Planning the Unplanned

Two years ago, I met someone in Bangkok. I just thought of him today because of the discussions we had shared on "Planning the Unplanned". Met him at the coffee shop of the hotel where I stayed. He noticed my book. I was reading then, Dilbert's Principle on Business. We talked about business and even had a little intense argument regarding Planning the Unplanned.

For him, there is no such thing as unplanned. Planning in business world is very essential. People should plan things better. People or executives should analyze and forecast the business cycle and make plans for it. He also added that plans that did not materialized were the results from people who were UNINTELLIGENT and INEXPERIENCE in the business world.


It's true, those were his words.

Of course, I reacted on this. It does not mean that if a plan did not push through, people are Stupid! It's true that people should really study, analyze and make good forecast on their business. I even asked him if he was aware on Business Planning because we had that back home. We make forecast for our business based from our past and current revenues, financial standing, business environment, proper scheduling and the economic status of the country. I even emphasized the contingency plan or alternative plan or the so-called PLAN B because unplanned events can affect the organization.

Anyway, readers might get bored on this. I just wanted to share this.

Planning is ok but people should be prepared on the output and consequences because shit happens anytime.

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Feb 10, 2008

Better to wash than to cook!

Have you tried cooking for someone and yet it wasn’t appreciated!!! Read on…

Cooking is definitely not in the list of my interest. My mom didn’t force me to cook when I was young so maybe that's one of the reasons why I didn’t learn to cook. I also hate the smell of fish being fried, the smoke that comes out from the pan or from the cooking oil or I don’t know! I also hate chopping onions! It makes me cry!

Last friday, my flatmates told me to cook our food (lunch time). Since it was my off, that's fine with me (I can cook adobo and sinigang now, with confidence…hehehe), but it turned out that the food they want is CRAB!!! My golly! I'm avoiding that food because it's too messy to eat (right cher!). Then not only that, they want it with coconut milk and squash! Oh my oh my… I don’t know how to cook it! SO, I asked not one but four people on how to cook it.

Fry garlic and onion, wait till golden brown. then put coconut milk. Wait till it boiled, then put squash, then the CRABS!!! Then put seasoning to taste (salt, fish sauce and chili powder).

Whew! Ang dali lang pala…kahit natutusok na ako ng alimango!!! So I made sure that the food is a little bit spicy coz that's what they want!!!

Lunch Time! I called Cris (my bestfriend) and then I set the table. So we eat… hmmm ….! I was waiting for a criticism from Dada, the number one critic in our flat... Then I heard that the squash is overcooked, no soup, the rice is not good….and so on…..then I got angry to my bestfriend….whew!!!

Gosh! They don’t even think how hard for me to cook it…

I went out to smoke!!! LIFE!!!



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Feb 9, 2008

Feels Good

Usually, month-end is the killer week for some people who are rushing for monthly reports, payroll, bills and deadlines. Before, it's an ordinary day for me coz I delegated that task to my team and summarized it for our board meeting which does not falls on month-end. Hehehe. I used to remember that I always torment our accounting office and beg my friend to join me for our smoking break. Right Cher! Or if she's not busy we will have an early lunch out. Those were the days.

Now with my current job, I'm a one-man team. I'm freaking busy, AND I'm beginning to like it. Rush! Rush! Rush! I been used to pressured work, but I like it more today. With too much work, I don’t have time to think of my other problems, I don’t have to focus on other circumstances, I don’t have to understand and be patient of others and I don’t have the energy to go out with friends COZ I'm too intoxicated.

. . . and it feels good!

It also feels good to be with your old friends who understand you and tells you pointblank on what you've done to your life.

Coffee and cigarettes, my two best buddies this week.

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Feb 6, 2008


I was down with colds and flu for a couple of days. Too much toxic from office , weather and some other things but work must go on. It's my bad attitude! I'm a workaholic bitch.

I got a splitting headache after reading Dan Brown's novel (Da Vinci Code). I accidentally rip my contacts and I have no spare specs but the novel is good. Now I'm eager to look at and observe Da Vinci's Last Supper, Monalisa and Madonna of the Rocks.

I'm too tired and feeling low inside.
I'm thinking of leaving everything for a while.
I don’t know what to do...
Where to go?

Damn, I need to buy a new book to keep my mind occupied.



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Feb 5, 2008

These are the few of my favorite sports...

I miss them........the mountains

It's one hell of a sport but eventhough how hard and far you climb, you will realize that your friends will never left you behind.

When can i climb again?

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Feb 2, 2008


Why it's easy to give advises on someone;
Why it's simple to console their pains.
And it's hard for me to open up my own agony, forget everything and move on.

For the past few days/weeks, I have been consoling my friends. I listen to them and they were asking my opinion. Why me? They said im strong, im vocal on everything and im brutally frank on my feelings… is that so? They look at me as an elder sister whom they can rely on, can carry any burdens (come what may) and strong enough to defend them.

Am I really like that? Maybe whenever im with them I always have a happy smile.

Im a good faker. I fake my smile and my condition.

I have so much responsibility, so much pain right now.

I cant discuss the details yet. I need to talk to someone regarding this. Maybe when that someone is ready, the pain will lessen.

I was telling Daday to stop Banging her Head. Now I need to borrow it.
This is what I need. To BASH my HEAD.

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Feb 1, 2008

Getting Used to IT

Last week I left early in the office (early means 30mins beyond my time-out), I had nothing to do then so I decided to proceed to the church eventhough it's an hour early for the service. Inside, there is a celebration. The celebration I always avoided to attend for how many years now.

At first, I was hesitant to enter the church but something was forcing me to enter, sit-down and watched it. I was there all right. I kept on telling myself that I'm strong now. That it is a typical marriage vows that we always witness but the moment I sat on the chair I became numb and there was a peculiar feeling inside me. Then I started to cry. I really cried. I was so absorbed on my crying that I didn’t notice that people started staring at me. I heard whispers and I when I looked up, people were staring at me and before I knew it, gosh, I was making a scene. They thought I was the jilted GF. Arrgghhh, I don’t even know the bride and the groom so I went out!!!

Okay, now I admit that this kind of celebration was out of my list. I always have many reasons whenever someone invited me over for their wedding or if they would not give in, I will just say that I will try to follow in the reception, which is a bad thing to do.

I hate attending wedding ceremonies because of trauma. I had ONE-HELL experience.

And then I thought I could make it… I could get over it. And I WAS WRONG!!!

Maybe …
HE was the one who pushed me to go inside and witness it again.
HE wanted me to get over it.
HE wanted me stop hurting myself and accept it.

But the PAIN is still there. The memory that I'm trying to delete from my system flashed back, just like a VIRUS that hits you, that whatever anti-virus program/activities I embraced, nothing works!

Maybe I should get used to it by now… Eventually, my bestfriend will get married and I couldn’t say no to her.


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