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Jun 28, 2004

#10 – What makes you CRY?

SOURCE: (Thesaurus)

Entry : CRY
Function : verb
Definition: weep
Synonyms: bawl, bemoan, bewail, blub, blubber, boohoo, break down, caterwaul, choke up, complain, crack up, deplore, fret, grieve, groan, howl, keen, lament, let go, mewl, moan, mourn, regret, rip out, sniff, snivel, sob, sorrow, squall, wail, weep, whimper, whine, yammer, yowl.


Teach us to pray our tears, O Lord. Absolve us of self-righteous pity that our hearts might carry the burdens which bring tears to your eyes. Help us to cry beyond our own needs. Receive our tears and transform them into the cup of agape love Jesus poured out before all humankind in need of healing drink.
- Karin Bacon from Internet

No MAN is ever worth your tears, and the one who is wont make you cry
– text received from Raja




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Jun 24, 2004

#8 – Meet Crisela

*My baby* Posted by Hello

Hello everyone…

I just want to share my new baby, Crisela. She's my inspiration and joy right now.

I named her after my bestfriend (Cris) and me.

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Jun 23, 2004

#7 - BALUT

"Balut Penoy, bili na kyo ng itlog na balut…"

Have you taste this food? I'm sure some of you didn’t like it!!!

Anyway, I remember this song when I ate Balut last night! Yup, Balut (duck's egg), the famous yukkky food in FEAR FACTOR. Imagine that!!!

I don’t eat Balut before. But when I taste it….hmmm…yummy…HEHEHE….

Thanks to my college friend Carol, the one who forced me to try it. I still remember my first bite…=) It happened during one of our thesis nights at Kaycee's place. It was 2:00 AM when Carol got hungry and she asked me to join her to ransack Kaycee's kitchen. So we went to the kitchen and found Balut at the table. Carol knew that I don’t eat Balut but she told me to try it. She said that in order to enjoy eating Balut, it should be eaten in the dark place in order not to see the duckling. So we turn off the light and ALAS!... it's yummy.

It's yummier when you put Vinegar and Salt. It was MAE and ONAT who told me that...right MAE! I miss those nights when ONAT would come to our house and will buy BALUT for me and PENOY for MAE with matching vinegar, salt and Coke. Mae was so shocked when she learned that I ate BALUT in the dark... hahaha.

So for those of you who haven’t taste it …AHHGGG….you'll miss something….right GLEN!!!


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Jun 22, 2004

#6 - Shhhhhhhh…..

Someone might hear, someone might squeal, so be discreet when reading this...

What will you do if someone did this to you?

Check the following:

- Brings pains and humiliation in your life!
- Suffers from something caused by someone.
- Made you as the Bella Flores (kontrabida) in the story.
- Used you!!! (Kindness, save face, innocence, and more…)
- Become the laughing stock.
- Your peaceful life turns into nightmare.
- And worst……having a sleepless night because of these problems!

Comments, Suggestions or (Violent) Reactions please!!!


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#5 - Buhay-buhay

Grrrr….Hirap talagang makipagsapalaran dito sa ibang bansa!!! Hirap makisama sa hindi mo kalahi. Ok na sana ang trabaho at sweldo pero kung me mga tao ka namang kasama na grabe sa saksakan ng sama na ugali…. Nakow, puputi agad buhok mo!!!

Akala ng iba masarap mag trabaho sa abroad! Hay, akala nyo lang yun! Ma-swerte ka kapag OK ang napasukan mo, pero ingat ka dahil di lahat eh ok. Uso din ang inggitan dito. Pilit kang hihilain pababa!!!

Kung pde nga lang hiramin ang lubid ni tarzan, malamang na-bigti ko na mga taong ito!!!!

Ayaw ko na mag-elaborate baka makarating pa itong BLOG ko sa HeadOffice namin…hehehe…



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Jun 21, 2004

#4 - Black Day

... Posted by Hello

Too much pain!
Too much problems!
Caused by one!
Affected by all!

Am I ready to forgive you?
- coz you don’t deserve it.
Am I ready to forget that?
- coz you didn’t do anything.

Who am I not to forgive?
Why can't I do it?
Why I have to linger on it!
Why I have to suffer from it!

So I asked God to forgive me.
For not forgiving you.
And maybe when the time comes,
I might be able to...


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Jun 20, 2004

#3 - ENTJ


Life as an ENTJ
(Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger)
People of this type tend to be: friendly, strong willed, and outspoken; honest, logical and demanding of selves and others; driven to demonstrate competence; creative with a global perspective; decisive, organized, and efficient.

The most important thing to ENTJs is demonstrating their competence and making important things happen.

How to Love an ENTJ
• Appreciate my ability and willingness to take charge of projects.
• Be direct, honest, and unemotional when dealing with problems.
• Ask for - and then listen to my advice.
• Support my need for professional development and new challenges.
• Try to keep our home orderly and organized.
• Above all - respect my many competencies and strong opinions.

medyo lang naman...

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Jun 19, 2004

#2 - Letting Go

Letting Go! Posted by Hello

I hate to end this.
I hate to see you go.
But I hate myself more,
If I continue hurting you…

I don’t want to hurt anyone!
I don’t want to hurt you!
And I don’t want to hurt myself,
So I'm letting you go…

Letting go is the hardest part.
So help me as I go my own path
'coz you know it will be hard on my part.
Unlike you that can go back to an old path.

We started as friends,
And became the best of friends,
This resulted to being more than friends.
Now that we call it quits, I'm hoping that we can still be friends.


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Jun 18, 2004

#1 - FinALLy

Plans, plans, plans...That's me! I have so many plans in my life.
Some were finished, some were half-baked and some are still waiting for my attention and time…

Two years ago, the Plan to put up my own website entered to my mind..oppss (another plan) . So I started my e-journals, collecting photos and souvenirs to places I visited. But … something happened and need to put it on hold.

Thanks to Mae and Daday, they encouraged me to do my own BLOG. Daday's BLOG is fun. I really enjoyed reading it. Mae's BLOG is really something to watch out for, very artistic. Wish I have half of her talent….hehehe

Finally! I was able to able to convince myself to finish this project...hehehe :-)

Watch out for more…

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