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Aug 29, 2004

#28 - CTE Upclose

I miss them. We usually go out just to refresh or recharge ourselves from a hectic day in work, or if someone wants to share good news / bad news or if we just feel like going out.

I still remember our one weekend escapade, we spent ONE whole day . We met early at Makati Glorietta. We had our brunch at Bennigans (branch transferred at Tomas Morato). Pigging out is one of our favorites...hehehe. After that, we watched a movie at Rockwell and do some shopping. Then we had our dinner at our favorite hang-out FRIDAYS Ortigas until 12am (closed now). Whew, what a demanding weekend!

Last year, we rarely go out with Edsel because he was busy with his girlfriend opps x-girfriend. Tina on the other hand is also busy on her restaurant. So it's just Cherry and me who always at the café or at Tina's restaurant.

2 weeks ago, they were able to fix their schedules and met. They had burger at wendys (himala, tipid yata kyo!) and coffee at Starbucks. Pity when I called them, Tina left because it was already late.

Hey guys, if you feel like craving for seafoods, go to Tina's Restaurant. Try their buttered shrimps and spicy/medium crabs in oyster sauce. Hmmm. Miss ko na un!

Krisha Seafood Restaurant, located at Borakay Paranaque, beside Dampa (free advertisement Mommy Mench!!!) for reservation – just pop a message on my tagboard.

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Aug 28, 2004

#27 - Good News

Ate Grace texted me two good news. Here's the edited version in English.

Text #1
Mom is OK, Doc advice to continue her medications and need to change her eyeglasses. Dad, Praise God, new medicines works on his BP, UTI and Diabetes.

Text #2
Ate Belen gave birth to a baby boy last 25, Normal Delivery. Name is Abraham Joel.

These are the good news that uplifted my spirit and strength. I'm down with fever, cold and cough last week. I wanted to call mom/dad or ate grace but could not make it coz my voice was hoarse and I constantly coughing. I don't want them to worry about me.

Today, Fever and cold are gone. I still cough sometimes.

Hope things will be better for me this week.

Thanks everyone for praying for my mom and dad's quick recovery.

Welcome Abraham Joel "AJ".
My second nephew to the 11 children of my 3 brothers.

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Aug 23, 2004

#26 - Feeling Blue

I was so lazy to write for my blog, to sketch or even to finish my crochet for my lampshade for a couple of days now. (but I do write on my journal everyday... hehehe)

Anyway, I was so down because of some problems that I can't put aside.

Last Friday, I was able to get in touch with my sister (Ate Grace), I was so thankful that she's not busy on her work when I called her. She told me that mom got pneumonia for 2 weeks but her health is improving now. "PRAISE GOD"… I was so agitated for a week trying hard to live inorder not to worry too much. I got good news…but I also got a SHOCKING News…

Ate told me that she was able to convince our dad to come along with them. Her plan was to have our father check-up and good thing was she brought our father's medical history together with some sample insulin and medicines. My father is diabetic.

After the examination, the doctor talked to my sister and my brother (kuya Dex) privately. He told them that anytime or any moment our father can pass away because his sugar level and BP is so HIGH…and then he was so shocked why our father is taking a steroid. Insulin is for the worst case, our father's case is not that worst. The problem now, he's using the steroids for so long that it will immune his body system from other medicines.

I was crying the whole morning when I heard that news. I called our eldest brother (Kuya Bam) and relay to him the bad news.

Today, I got an email from Kuya Dex, telling us that he think dad is a bit ok, (Im hoping) they will start to change everything. Doctors, medicines, etc...

If only…arghhh, If only I could cry here. I dont know...
A friend of mine got annoyed to me coz I wasn’t able to help him out on his problem.
- I decline to help him coz I was so absorbed on my own problems.
- I told him to call our other friends for help coz I know that I would not be able to help him.
- I didn’t tell him or to anyone about my problems. (gusto ko magmukmuk eh!!!)

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Aug 16, 2004

#25 - Coffee please...


Too much problems!

Family - my mom is still sick. I'm already worried coz it's been two weeks now. Weather in Phil is pretty bad.

Friends - I don’t want to turn down any of my friends problem, if I could help, I'm willing to do so.

Personal - *sigh* I'd rather keep it to myself.

Work - I'm so thankful that I'm too busy. At least I have diversion and I'm wasting all my energies to my work.

Lately, I'm having an eating disorder. I have no regular meal for almost a week now.

More on coffee... and Vitamin C ...

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Aug 15, 2004

#24 - YASI

Rowena Yasmin Garcia Cablao or Yasi for short is my seatmate, chatmate, groupmate, thesismate, barkada, or in short my best friend in college.

A certified SHY girl in our class. She's sweet, friendly and quiet but once you get to know her, you'll be amazed how she laugh so hard and loud.

Our friendship started in a group project until we were trapped with one another. From then on, we became best buddies. We both love books, movies, gimmicks and FOODS. Our friendship was not that perfect coz we had differences too.

After graduation, our path separated when she opted to pursue another course (management education) in Australia and I stayed in Phil to pursue my career. We keep our communication line open but when she decided to try her luck in New York, the calls, text and emails lessen…until …nothing.

After years of no communication, I'm so happy that we got hooked again.

I was just sorry that I was not there to share with her happiness or lend my shoulder to cry on during her lowest stage in her life and vice versa.

Yas, it's TIME to make a new life on your new place. You girl keep on moving from one state to another. Time to LET GO of the past and MOVE ON.

SmiLe aNd bE HApPy... bE StRoNg.
Happy Birthday Yasi!!!


Thanks Doc (Judy) for the pix.


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Aug 13, 2004

#23 - What's your Element

SOURCE: rins blog /


  • Your element is Water
  • You are a deep person and a good communicator
  • Incredibably loving loyal when your trust is gained and you are fairly mature
  • Myterious to the utmost water is in everything.
  • One can be an Ocean or a river but nobody truly knows you.


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Aug 6, 2004

#21 - Another Sister

I knew her when I was a kid. One of my brother's friend and soon became a family friend. She even set-up a date to my eldest brother to her youngest sister until the two got married.

Years passed, we were both busy on our own lives, no communication and then we both ended up here. I could not believe that we could form a bond instantly.

Trials come and go in our life here. It made us closer to one another. We always talk whatever happened to us and pray together to surpass the problems. To tell you all honestly, she's more closer to me rather than to my real sis (sorry ate grace).

She's my spiritual adviser and I am so thankful having her here. I know that sometimes I am too stubborn to many things especially going out with my friends, but still she understood my situation. She's quiet and homebody, my exact opposite!

Lately, things are not the same anymore. We both become busy. She, in her work and church; Me - in my work and friends… until one day I decided to move out from our flat…

Ate is very understanding, maybe because she is ten years ahead of me or I always acted like a child. We rarely see each other now because of our complicated schedules but still our communication with one another is still open. We still text / call one another.

Last night (again im out with my friends) ate texted me that she'll have a special song number in their church. So I thought, this is my moment to surprise her.

She left early this today and I woke up around 10am…(silly of me)…I moved quickly, I finished washing our clothes that I left lastnight, take a bath, check my digicam's battery, put some make-up and call a cab heading to their church.

Wheew, I thought im late…I was right on time before her number…she was so surprised seeing me in their church. She cried and oppsss, i almost cried too...She's a singer in their church back home, has a nice voice and her name is ATE CORA

I wont tell the details of her number coz I cried too.

After the service, I treat her at CHILIS…uhmmm, yummy, we even had a free tortilla... food here is more tastier rather in Phil (Chilis). Teethy


Wakka Wakka


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Aug 4, 2004

#19 - Run Lei RUN...

RUNNING…one of my favorite sports;

I was a runner when I was in grade four.
The sport was fun and I was so hyperactive then.
But when mom found out that my grades started to fall,
I don’t have any choice but to quit from the team.

I run whenever my childhood friends started throwing iced water on us,
I run whenever my sister ask me to wash the dishes,
I run whenever my mom found out about my mischievousness,
For she will run after me to pinch my legs.

Now that im old, I still run along;
Not on problems or trials that come to my life
Not on anything or something disgusting.
But on someone...…that I might fall in love with.

I've been used to this kind of situation,
I've been running away from the scene,
I've been running, hiding, running, hiding…
Awaiting for him to give-in.


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Aug 3, 2004

#18 - My Sis Birthday

Happy Birthday Ate!

Happy Birthday Ate!

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Ate Grace!

I'll just send the gift this December.


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