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Jun 16, 2010

Poor Me

Are you poor? Well don't frown because it's not the end of the world.

Being a poor is not a crime or a sin to covet thy neighbour’s wife.
Being a poor is not a valid reason not to aim high for your dreams.

One of the hypocrite's theory in this world is 'I give up my hopes and dreams because I am a poor'. I don't believe in that! You are such a loser!

You may be born poor, poor in physical things, poor in spiritual aspect or intellectually poor, well don't linger on that. I do believe that everyone has their own mind to decide, to choose and to fulfil their dreams. I called it attitude!

Having a positive attitude is a good way to start your dream. Start with small yet possible dream to achieve.

Like an old friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday. All she wanted was to have a small gathering with her friends and family but she can't because of financial problem. Until one friend started an email announcement, made plans and volunteered to bring something. Then another friend, then another and so on, till we made a celebration at the park to fulfil our friend's small dream. We may be poor in financial matters but we are rich with friends.

It's not bad to have a dream. It's free and a big challenge for yourself. So plan well and make sure you will not destroy someone's lives just to achieve it.

Happy birthday Inchang!!!

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Jun 13, 2010

For my Dad

Apat na taon na ang lumipas simula ng iwan mo ako.
Alam ko marami ang magugulat kapag nabasa nila ito.
Akala ng iba ay ok na ako;
Ngunit palabas lamang ang lahat ng ito.

Masakit, iyan ang tumatak sa aking isipan!
Ang mga pangarap na binuo natin ay biglang naglaho;
Nakapanglulumo kung tutuusin;
Dahil bigla kang nawala sa akin.

Ngunit kelagan kong tanggapin.
Na lumayo ka na sa akin.
Alam kong maligaya ka na diyan
Sa kanyang piling.

Ang araw na ito ay espesyal para sa iyo.
Hindi man ako makabisita pero alam kong naririnig mo ako.
Damahin mo ang pagmamahal na inaalay ko.
Sana magparamdam ka man lang sa araw na ito!



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May 31, 2010

Please clean your backyard!

I thought I had enough freaking news of you, but each day I got worst!

What a damn good actress! How can you live a life like that!

It's acceptable to envy your so-called friends and create uproar between them, but to your own bloody relative? How could you stomach that? Stealing the loved one or fabricated a dramatic story to your lover so that he will hate your family? Can you still sleep peacefully at night knowing that you destroy someone's family (not only one but two)?

You have pretended enough! You used me to gained new friends. They trusted you and yet you fooled them. When you will stop and change?

If you think that your secret will never come out, think again! You should start cleaning your own backyard, and please don't leave your feces, it's stinking in your doorstep!

Get a grip and clean it!

I will keep quiet for a while and wait for more evidence until the coast is clear. Soon, your skeleton in the closet will be out and I'm pretty sure that you wish you have never used me or met me!



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May 23, 2010

Triple B

Blog is my only companion where I can pour out my ghastly feelings right now. It has been years since my last post and I thought I will never return to blogging with angst. But I'm wrong!

I just wanted to share with you one of my stories here in the land of oil and sand.

I was duped and devastated when I confirmed my suspicion.....

A year ago, I met a lady through a common friend. I even recommended her to replace my job when I was transferred to another place.

We jive instantly and our friendship developed. I even introduced her to my mom and to the rest of my family. In short, I have treated her as a sister. She was welcome to my circle of friends and was all amaze how good she was.

Little did I know that an angel face was a devil in disguise.

Triple B, that’s me! That’s how she refers me to her lover.

Bad Influence
Bitch (hmmm…sounds familiar)
Bugaw (Pimp in English).

A friend that I treasured and treated as a sister called me that! I was really devastated from all the lies that she invented against me towards her lover. I admit that I doubted her actions before, but I did not entertain the thoughts knowing that she is my friend. I even give her a chance to talk and to prove, on what I saw and witnessed before was wrong but she kept quiet. Until the bombshell was out!!!

I think triple B applies for her own agenda. Imagine this…

She uses my name everytime she went home late! - B.I.
She uses my name as an excuse whenever she wanted to go out! - Bitch
She uses my name whenever she wants to meet another guy. - Bugaw

What a life!

There are more shocking stories that need not to elaborate. All I can think of right now, my former friend is a true blue Madonna material girl in person.

Name it all, just imagine madonna’s video of material girl, she has all that.

A great pretender (trying to be clean and naïve) and user for the last 4 years to the old married guy for material things.

Right now, she doesn’t know that I already know her secrets. I must seal my lips and control my bitchy attitude till the situation is clear.

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Feb 24, 2009

New Year, New kid on the block

It's been long since the last time I updated my blog. A lot of things happened! With the ongoing worldwide crisis, even the land of the oil is experiencing the turmoil.

Enough with the negative news, let's move on to the positive one.

First thing, my sister delivered a baby girl a month ago. We celebrated her first month old yesterday. It was just a family dinner. So sad that my sister left two weeks ago, she needs to go back home for her work. Mom still with us, and she's having a problem wearing her shoes. I bought her a new boots for protection from cold. It's her first time to experience the coldness in this place. I opted to use my running shoes, for comfort and protection, and we were having a problem for the baby, she's getting bigger every week and all dressess and shoes does not fit to her anymore. So I joke with my sister that next time I shop online, I will buy a wedding shoes for her baby.

Christening of Haya, our new baby, will be on March. As early as today, my sister asked me and other godparents for a bigger size of baby shoes . She is being wise on that.

Welcome to the world Haya.

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Dec 12, 2008

Vacation Crisis

Eid Holidays is over, imagine 5 days of doing nothing but watching. Yeah right, I got hooked-up in the tv series again. House is interesting though I'm not in the medical field. I still found time to hang out with friends but I got itched to go back home to finish the 3 disc series.

Anyway, I'm currently on the third season and I still have time to finish over the weekend. For the meantime, I want to share some fireworks moment here.

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Dec 8, 2008

Cards for all season

Shopping malls is too crowded today because it’s the first day of Eid Al Adha. I couldn’t wait in the long cue for payment, so I decided not to purchase anything and headed to coffee shop. While sipping my cappuccino, I got an email from Tita Ann informing me something about the new offer of Blackhawk especially for this Holiday. It’s good thing that wifi works in this mall.

So I check this Gift Card Mall™ to ease my curiosity. I hesitate at first thinking that it was just another greeting cards. It’s not that I don’t like greetings cards, it’s so traditional. So when I checked on it, it’s really unique. Gift cards are a perfect gift to give this coming Christmas. It’s wise and trendy. You could even design your own card and most of all it is good for all season.

Thanks to tita Ann for a smart recommendation.

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Dec 5, 2008

Take 5

It’s getting cold here and Christmas is everywhere. Would you believe that malls started to decorate their shops for Christmas season here? Five years ago, Christmas is just an ordinary day but now even local people became aware of Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I was really having trouble what kind of gift I will give to my friend. Every year, it was really a hard day for me to roam around the malls just to look for a perfect gift for him. This morning, I went to the mall to start my pre-Christmas shopping. Oh by the way, I’m enjoying my 5 days Eid Holiday. I took advantage of it to start my shopping.

It just so happen that I stumble on these 5.11 Tactical pants. It was cool, I even like it for myself. I checked it out and found out that I can even buy online. Wow that will be a big relief on my side. I’m more comfortable buying stuff online. I’m pretty sure he will love it. He likes military things although he’s not from military.

You know what I found out more? 5.11 Tactical have more brands, not just pants. I checked all their brands. They have shirts, shoes, bags, books, watches, eyewear, shorts, knives and pouches for mobile, guns, knives and more. They offer small size to larger ones pouches. What I love most is the 5.11 Tactical watches and the 5.11 Tactical eyewears. Oh my, I will forget my budget plan for now, I will start next year. If only my dad is still here, for sure he will like it also. He likes these things, we have the same taste. Anyhow, instead of buying for my friend only, now I have to include myself on this order.

Hey, it’s Christmas time, time to indulge yourself once in a while. Correct?

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